The University provides paternity leave entitlements for fathers, and maternity support leave entitlements for the partner of the expectant mother/child's adopter.

Paternity/maternity support leave

'Ordinary' leave

The University’s Ordinary paternity/maternity support leave policy incorporates all relevant legislation and statutory entitlement with regard to paternity leave and pay.

The term ‘maternity support leave’ is used by the University in addition to ‘paternity leave’ to recognise that any employee who is the partner of an expectant mother, or a child’s adopter, is entitled to leave under this policy.

From 1 October 2014 partners and fathers may be entitled to unpaid time off to attend ante-natal appointments. See here for more information.

If this guide does not answer all your queries, please seek advice and further details from your Human Resources Business Partner.

Find out further information about Ordinary paternity/maternity support leave:

Time off to accompany a pregnant woman to ante-natal appointments

From the 1st October 2014 employees will be allowed unpaid time off to accompany a pregnant woman to up to 2 ante-natal appointments. This is a right from the first day of employment.

Who can take the time off?

The leave can be taken by

  • The baby’s father
  • The expectant mother’s spouse, her civil partner or partner (of either sex) in an enduring relationship
  • Intended parents of a child in a surrogacy arrangement

How much time off can be taken?

The entitlement is to attend up to 2 ante-natal appointments with a maximum of 6 hours and 30 minutes per appointment.

As this is unpaid time off, the normal expectation of the University is that the time off will be made up at another time, by agreement with your manager. Alternatively, if the nature of the work means this is not possible or if the employee requests this, then the time off can be taken as unpaid leave. Dates and times should be sent to Employee Services in HR Services so that the appropriate deduction can be made from your pay.

Information for managers

Please ensure that Employee Services are emailed at with the employees name, payroll number and the dates and times that they were away from work.

Time Off for Secondary Adopters

From 5th April 2015 secondary adopters will be entitled to take unpaid time off for up to two appointments. The process above should be followed.