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Online Survey Tool - JISC

Online surveys is a powerful, easy to use tool for gathering data and analysing results. Run by JISC, online surveys is used by over 300 different organisations in the UK and internationally. Find out more about online surveys.


The University of Exeter currently has a subscription to the JISC Online Survey Tool which is managed by People Development.

Online surveys run by JISC provides the functionality you need to create, run and analyse surveys across the entire organisation. Use them to gather vital organisational data and help make better informed decisions.

Continued use and rerunning surveys year-on-year will help to create a rich dataset of longitudinal data and enables organisations to see how far they've progressed.

The online surveys service has organisation-wide appeal and can be used by everyone, including:

  • Researchers who need to capture essential participant feedback
  • Support teams gathering staff opinions and student voices
  • Across departments to evaluate recent changes or identify improvements


please initially complete the JISC Online Surveys registration form to request an account. Once submitted the request will be processed by People Development who will create an account for you in the system. This will trigger an automated email from JISC with further instructions on how to access the system.


Unfortunately we are unable to provide access for students. An alternative tool which may be suitable is SmartSurvey (

Alternatively, you may find that Microsoft Forms is better suited to your needs.

Account Guidelines

Once access has been granted, please follow the below guidelines regarding the administration of surveys:

  • Ensure that you have shared your survey(s) with another user, in case of the need to access the survey(s) when you are not available.
  • Please delete your survey(s) when they are no longer required

Terms of Use

The host of the Online Surveys tool is external you must agree to comply with the Online Surveys terms and conditions for our organisation account.


Your University email address is used to register you to use Online Surveys. If you no longer require access, please follow the steps below:

  • delete or reassign your surveys
  • email People Development to request the removal of your JISC Online Survey access

Accounts are regularly monitored and reviewed by People Development. If inactive for more than 12 months (from the last login) accounts will be disabled due to inactivity. Should an account need reactivating, please contact People Development in the first instance.

Key Updates

Version 3 of the tool was released in September 2023, and JISC is making the following updates this year:

1. Creating new surveys in v2 will be disabled on 02 April 2024
2. Online Surveys v2 will be discontinued on 31 July 2024 and all users will need to use v3 going forward
3. Please download any survey data you wish to keep from v2 to avoid losing it

User accounts

Anyone with an active account (up to and including accounts created before 30th September 2023) has been automatically migrated over to version 3 and can log in using their University email address. All new requests from the 1st October 2023 will automatically be set up in version 3 with no access to version 2.

Migration of Survey and Response Data

Please see links below to the JISC webpages that provides detailled guidance on how to move over surveys and responses from v2 to v3. Unfortunately, the company decided that bulk moving of surveys and data was not a viable option in the scope of this migration. 

This link talks through the steps of moving over a survey Exporting and importing a survey structure | Online surveys

This link focuses on exporting the data attached to any surveys currently in v2 Exporting response data | Online surveys

FAQ: Migration to Online Surveys v3 – Online Surveys (