Calendar 2018/19

Regulations Governing Academic Programmes

2 Faculty of Graduate Research

2.4 Regulations Governing the Degrees of Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Engineering (DEng), Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Letters and Doctor of Science
1 Nature of Higher Doctorates
1.1 The degrees of DD, DEng, LLD, DLitt and DSc are awarded only on the basis of original published work of distinction. Successful candidates will, in the opinion of the examiners, have established their reputations as authorities in their subjects, having made a significant contribution to the field extended far beyond that expected for award of a Doctor of Philosophy.
2 Eligibility
2.1 Candidates eligible to apply for examination will hold a PhD and will fulfil at least one of the following criteria:
  (a) Graduates of the University of Exeter of not less than seven years' standing.
  (b) Graduates of the University of London who were students of the College of the South West of England for not less than two years, while being prepared for the degree of the University of London.
  (c) Graduates of not less than seven years' standing who hold appointments within the Teaching and Research job family or who are Research Fellows or Senior Research Fellows in the University of Exeter and have completed five years of full-time service in the University* in one or more of those posts.
  (d) Holders of the Associateship of Camborne School of Mines (ACSM)
  *This shall be understood to include service completed at Camborne School of Mines.
3 Fees
3.1 The standard degrees by research fee when charged in relation to Higher Doctorates, is divided into two parts:
  (a) An application fee for initial assessment of your work.
  (b) An examination fee will be charged for examination of your work, which will be the balance of the fee.
4 Application
4.1 Letters of application for registration of candidature shall be sent to the Chief Operating Officer. Applicants are strongly advised to first contact the Associate Dean, Research and Knowledge Transfer, of the College in which they believe their work would fall to discuss the suitability of their application.
4.2 The application must be accompanied by the application fee plus two copies of a curriculum vitae which includes a full list of publications (including any work already accepted for publication) and one copy of each publication being submitted for examination. It is the candidate's responsibility to make clear the extent to which each work is based on independent study and the nature and extent of any collaboration with, or assistance given by, others. Work submitted by the candidates for a degree of another University must be clearly identified as such; work already submitted for a higher doctorate may not be included.
4.3 An application fee of £1000 will be charged to assess your body of work. This fee is charged for the initial review of your work and will not be returned should your application be unsuccessful: see 4.1. There is no recourse to the ‘Procedures relating to Academic Appeals’ at the application stage.
5 Process of Assessment
5.1 The Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Executive Dean of College(s) of the appropriate College(s), within which the applicant's work falls shall submit one written report within 3 months to the Dean/ Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Research either proposing that, prima facie, there are grounds upon which the application may be accepted or setting out grounds on which it should not be accepted, in both cases making reference to the assessment criteria (6.1.). In considering whether to accept the application the Dean/ Associate Dean should give regard to the likely availability of assessors, who should themselves be authorities in the discipline. The report will be made available to the applicant.
5.2 If the Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Executive Dean of College(s) of the appropriate College(s) propose that the application be accepted, the College(s) shall recommend to the Dean/ Associate Dean acting on behalf of the Faculty Board one internal and two external assessors, or, in the case of current and former members of the academic staff of the University, three external assessors only, by attaching a completed nomination of assessors form to the report, which is available from the Postgraduate Administration Office. The appointment of the assessors should, as far as is practicable follow the requirements for appointment of examiners laid out in the ‘Code of Good Practice: Boards of Examiners for Degrees by Research.’
5.3 If the application is rejected at this stage no reapplication will be permitted for a period of five years.
5.4 On approval of the application by the Dean/ Associate Dean, acting on behalf of the Faculty Board, the applicant shall be invited to submit two further copies of the publications to be examined together with the required examination fee. On receipt of the additional copies and balance of fees the examination of the thesis will normally take place within 3 months. The form of the submission should follow that given in ‘Presentation of Theses/Dissertations for the Degrees of MPhil/PhD/EdD/DEdPsy/DClinPsy/MbyRes: Statement of Procedures’ as far as possible.
5.5 An examination fee will be charged (see 3.1 above).
6 Examinations
6.1 In assessing the body of work the assessors will require:
  (a) Evidence that the work forms an significant, original and distinct advancement of the field of study, such as to have led to extensions or development by others;
  (b) Evidence that the work shows command over a field of study, forming a sustained and consistent contribution, establishing the candidate as an authority in the subject.
6.2 An oral examination shall be held only if specifically requested by the assessors.
6.3 The degrees of DD/ Deng/LLD/DLitt/DSc are examined on a pass/fail basis only. When the assessors consider that a thesis does not reach the standard required no reapplication will be permitted for a period of five years. Exceptionally, should the assessors fail to reach a unanimous verdict, the assessors shall submit independent reports, and the Dean/ Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Research shall recommend to the Vice Chancellor acting on behalf of Senate the appointment of an additional external assessor.
6.4 Students have a right of appeal against academic decisions and recommendations made by Boards of Examiners and may do so via the ‘Procedures relating to Academic Appeals’, and will be held by the rights and responsibilities of registered students when doing so.
6.5 Following examination one copy of the publications will be retained by the University and deposited in the University Library.