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Help with finding a graduate job

Help with finding a graduate job

Help with finding a graduate job

Help with finding a graduate job

Help with finding a graduate job

If you need help or advice with finding a graduate job this page outlines the various ways we can help including appointments, events and resources.


Having an effective job hunting strategy is essential to finding graduate level opportunities. This session will help you to develop a graduate job seeking strategy that is right for you.

For the latest events, please check Handshake

Career Fairs attract a large number of employers from a range of sectors, so this can be a great way to find out more about what opportunities are available. You can check when the next Career Fairs are taking place on Handshake or on our web page

To help you to prepare for the fair, you might find it helpful to take at look at our “Prepare for the Fair” interactive guide

This session will give you tips and advice on how to plan and apply for internships and work experience.

For the latest events, please check Handshake

The pandemic means we are all facing challenging times, and you may feel particularly unsure about your future plans. This webinar will help you reflect on your career plans and options, whilst getting practical support and advice for how to move forward.

For the latest events, please check Handshake

Most people are now going online to look for employment. As more of us use the internet to search for new job opportunities, this has also opened the door to fraudsters. In this session we will be looking at how you can identify job scams and think about how you can protect yourself from them.

For the latest events, please check Handshake


You can book an appointment with us to get your CV, cover letter, application form, or LinkedIn profile checked to help with your job applications. However, we can also provide support with looking for opportunities; simply request a ‘Job search’ appointment. You can contact us via the Live Chat icon at the bottom of this page, or you can phone us on +44(0)1392 724493 (all campuses). For any other enquiries please email


Graduates may be interested in our Graduate Business Partnership Scheme, a paid scheme run by the University in partnership with local employers. 


Our online database Handshake contains vacancies from graduate employers in a wide range of sectors who are specifically targeting Exeter students and graduates. 

You can also browse and ask questions in the Handshake community Q&A forum. You can edit the term in the search box to make it more specific. 

Below is a list of useful websites where you can search for opportunities: 

Unfortunately, job scams are more common that you would think. To make sure you know what to look out for, take a look at our 'Job Scams and How to Avoid them' interactive guide. 

Times 100: Online guide to the leading employers recruiting graduates during 2020-21.

If you would like to look for vacancies by the employment sector, take a look at our 'Employment Sectors' page to help identify companies within that sector. 

Once you know what companies exist this can make searching for opportunities and vacancies a bit easier. 

Are you a UoE graduate? Take a look at our Careers Forever programme, and particular our 'I'm ready to apply but need help' section. This section is dedicated to advice and guidance about how to find a job, using job search tools, preparing your CV, and more. 

My Career Zone Digital has lots of resources, including videos, articles, and courses to help you gaining work experience. Key resources that you might like to look at include:

Career Zone Blog - This link takes you to features on Job Hunting on our blog. On this there are blogs on various careers and how to begin your career, as well as job hunting advice from students and alumni. 

There are thousands of courses on LinkedIn Learning which can help you to develop your skills from learning to edit videos to soft skills development. You can browse the courses available via this link

You might also be interested in the following courses for job hunting:

Webinar Recordings

How to find a graduate job in the UK - Join Sarah Blunt, Careers and Employability Consultant, for this webinar on how to find a graduate job. 

Finding internships and work experience - Join Rae Roberts, Careers and Employability Consultant, for this webinar on finding internships and work experience.

What is the difference between a graduate job, scheme and internship - Join Sarah Blunt, Careers and Employability Consultant, for this webinar on how to find a graduate job.