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Information Management

Records & Information Management is the function by which the identification, classification, processing, and disposal of organisational records are managed. The field focuses on the efficient and systematic control of the lifecycle of information and records which form the University's organisational memory.

If practiced well Records and Information management provides the necessary underpinning for compliance with information related laws. Good practice also allows the University to remember it’s past, be more efficient in the present and plan for the future.

 The primary records and information management functions of the Information Governance Team are:

  • Advising on the identification, retention and destruction of records,
  • Supporting the identification vital records,
  • Advising on the storage of paper and electronic records,
  • Providing relevant advice relating to the introduction of new systems
  • Managing the Modern Records Centre,
  • Coordinating the University’s response to Freedom of Information requests,
  • Providing relevant training.

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