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O365 on Mobile devices questions

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Setup Guides for using Office 365 email on Mobile devices

Which email app should I use on mobile devices?

Securing your device

You should create a device passcode/PIN in your device's Settings to protect access to University data. For more information please see Security tips for users of mobile devices.

Be aware that if you are using your phone or tablet for University business you are fully responsible for ensuring the security of that information, and you may be in breach of University policy if you do not take suitable precautions.

Settings for other applications and devices

This guide give the general settings required to set up your University of Exeter Office 365 email account on any mobile device or client not covered in detail above.

We cannot offer specific instructions for all of the devices in use, but these are the settings your device should need:

  • Server Address –
  • Domain – leave blank
  • Username – your full email address
  • Password – your usual University of Exeter password
  • Please ensure that SSL encryption is selected (if the option is available).