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Recap questions

If you need help, please contact Exeter IT


About Recap

Recap is the university's name for the Panopto lecture capture system, used at all campuses in Exeter and Cornwall.

All lectures scheduled in the timetable system located in Recap enabled rooms are automatically recorded, except where the presenting academic has opted out.

Other events such as seminars, meetings, workshops etc can also be requested to be recorded, either through Room Bookings; by asking the College timetabling team to schedule them, or by raising a SID request using the dedicated Recap SID form.

Who Uses Recap

Students access Recap recordings via ELE.

Teaching staff can access Recap (via Panopto) to edit their recordings before they are added as links in ELE.

Staff can also download the Recap Personal recorder to their university PC or laptop to make recordings which they can then upload to Panopto and thence to ELE.

They can also make Mobile recordings and upload them to Panopto; this is particularly useful when working off campus or in the field.