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Student print service

About printing on campus

The University of Exeter Student Print Service consists of around 200 high-spec devices located throughout the Streatham and St Luke’s Campuses.

All devices offer printing, copy, and scan-to-email. And for the first time you can scan-to-OneDrive for Business too. Some of the devices can provide colour print/copy. A3 is also an option on many of them. Most can staple and hole punch.

How to top-up your account

If you’re studying at the Truro or Penryn Campuses and wish to top up your account:Cornwall campuses: Top up your account here >>

If you're printing at the Exeter campuses, you can top-up online:Exeter campuses: Top up your account here >>

The cost of print/copy/scan will be charged to your print account accordingly.

For high-volume printing or special orders for printing and finishing (for example: Dissertations, flyers, posters, etc) please see Print & Copy Services.

Please note: The Students' Guild Printshop based on the mezzanine level in the Forum is NOT part of the University's Managed Print Service. Anything printed here must be paid for out of personal funds rather than print credit balances.

Please note that in line with the University’s sustainability policy the default setting on all Student Print and Copy devices is duplex printing ie double-sided. Single-sided is available (see below) as an optional setting when you send to print from University of Exeter PC applications. 

The Student Print and Copy Service is mainly comprised of Xerox MFDs (‘MFD = multi-function device’) together with some print-only HP Laserjet printers in lower-use areas.

Colour printing and/or A3 printing are available on many of the Xerox devices.

The cost of your printing will be charged to your print account accordingly.

Each new University of Exeter student print account comes with £1 of credit pre-loaded; you can add money to your account using the online payments page for print credits.

How to print at a Xerox device

Please refer to the "how to" guides for printing, scanning and copying.

How to print at an HP Laserjet using ‘Print Release’

In some areas printing is provided by standard monochrome Laserjet printers in conjunction with ‘Print Release’ screens.

1. Send to ‘HP Laserjet Monochrome A4 ’ from your Cluster PC

2. Enter your username & password on the ‘Print Release’ PC next to the Laserjet.

3. Select documents required.

4. Select ‘Print’ and your documents will be printed.

To print single-sided (all devices)

Printing defaults are set to duplex (double-sided) to promote greener printing.
To print single-sided, please refer to the "how to" guide for changing the default print settings.

To print in Colour at a Xerox device

Printing defaults to black and white.  To print in colour, please refer to the "how to" guide for changing the default print settings.  Each Xerox device in the Student Print and Copy fleet displays signage telling you if it is colour capable. You will only be charged at the colour rate for pages that contain colour.

To print at A3 size at a Xerox device

Printing defaults to A4.  To print on A3 paper, please refer to the "how to" guide for changing the default printer settings.  Note that only the larger Xerox devices offer A3 printing.

If you believe that one of the devices in the fleet has a fault please contact

You can top up your print account via the online payment page.

Please note that credit added will top up your Exeter Campuses print account, not your Cornwall Campus print account. You can top up a Cornwall campus print account at FX Plus Printing.

As an undergraduate, your print account will be debited for print, copy and scan transactions at the following rates per side:

Black & white print/copy

A4 Duplex 5p
A4 Simplex 5.5p
A3 Duplex 8p
A3 Simplex 9p

Colour print/copy

A4 Duplex 12p
A4 Simplex 13p
A3 Duplex 20p
A3 Simplex 21p

Simplex (single-sided) is charged at a slightly higher rate in order to encourage 'greener' two-sided (duplex) printing.

Note that when you print a document with colour content at a colour-capable Xerox device you will only be charged at the colour rate for the pages that actually contain colour - the rest will be charged at the (cheaper) monochrome rate.

Scanning-to-Email is charged at 1p per sheet.

If you are engaged in research at a postgraduate level (please note: not postgraduate students on a taught programme), your College will normally fund your printing by issuing you with a billing code to be used at the printers. Please see your College admin team or research supervisor for more details.

Print refund requests

Print refund requests are done by the Cash Ops team, please log an enquiry via the SID help pages and request for Print credit refund:

  • The minimum refund amount is £5
  • Only payments made within the last 6 months are able to be refunded
  • Cash Ops will only be able to refund the balance that is available when the team process the request. Any amount used in between the request being raised, and the refund being processed, will NOT be eligible