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Internships in Italy

Students attending a semester of the Globalisation Program have the opportunity of a 2-4 month internship at a host institution in Italy. These take place during the winter break or the summer months.

RED Scholarships

The RED (Residency-Excellence-Diversity) scholarship is awarded to talented students to contribute to the cost of living in Venice for a semester. Successful applicants will be expected to promote excellence and diversity in the Globalisation Program, and contribute to co-curricular activities. Check eligibility here

Venice International University (VIU)

Venice International University (VIU)

Venice International University (VIU) is a prestigious global consortium comprised of 20 Universities and the Metropolitan City of Venice. VIU’s mission is to foster cooperation among all member institutions while facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas. The member universities are from China, Korea, Japan, Israel, Russia, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Italy, South Africa, USA, and Canada. The University of Exeter joined the consortium in 2019. 

As a VIU member Exeter shares in a single campus on the island of San Servolo in the Venetian lagoon. The consortium provides opportunities for students and staff from member universities to work together and learn from one another in a multicultural environment. It provides a platform for education and research collaboration, in which the interdisciplinary and comparative methods adopted enable students and staff to consider and address multi-faceted problems through innovative approaches.

In line with VIU's mission and commitment to promote Sustainable Development and the 17 Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, study and research activity is encouraged in particular Focus Areas. These include Environmental management and security; Green and circular economy; Ageing; Cultural Heritage; Science communication and education. All focus areas and details on them can be found on VIU’s home page.

Our membership of VIU provides opportunities to collaborate with students and academics from many of the world’s outstanding universities. The Venice setting is another attraction, as costly long-haul flights are not needed for travel. I encourage you to learn more about opportunities to get involved. Please read these pages, visit VIU’s website, sign up for VIU communications, and follow my Europe blog.

Prof Sally Faulkner, Assistant Deputy Vice Chancellor (Europe)

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