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Public Engagement

Public Engagement

Community engagement has been a key priority within the Centre for Biomedical and Analysis. As the Centre's work evolves on into its latest phase as the 'Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter' (TREE), our invaluable collaborative research community continues to try to understand the science behind major illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and epilepsy. We aim to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases, bringing together all sorts of people, including mathematicians, biologists, computer scientists, doctors and members of the public to tackle these issues.

Working with patients, carers and members of the public helps us to ensure our research is informed by, and meets the needs of, people with the conditions we are researching.

If you are interested in staying informed about involvement opportunities, please contact Silvia Bortoli, Communities Engagement Manager or call 01392 727472.

Please visit the TREE website for find out more about how we're continuting to support public engagement in our funded activities, following on from the success of the Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis.