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Our Research

The Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis was funded by the Wellcome Trust from 2015 - 2018. It supported and developed interdisciplinary research from across the three STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics) colleges at the University of Exeter. Drawing core expertise from CLES, EMPS and UEMS, it explored new methods and techniques - working together to solve problems in biomedical research at the interface of the traditional disciplines.

Now superseded by the newly funded Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter (TREE), the CBMA left a legacy of:

  • £3.3M invested in biomedical research over 3 years from the Wellcome Trust and University of Exeter
  • £20.1M total grants awarded (including nine major grants)
  • Five researchers who secured independent fellowships
  • Five successful secondments
  • Four PhD Studentships
  • Nine academics supported
  • 23 projects over 4 rounds of seed corn funding, plus £6.5M in additional onward grants from collaborations stemming from these projects
  • 47 publications
  • Purchase of technology enhancement facilities, with eight subsequent collaborations
  • Over 344 hours of training provided, including Python, Unix, Perl, RNA-Seq, Image J, MATLAB, mathematical modelling.
  • The embedding of a public engagement focused culture, with seven public engagement projects supported.
  • Public engagement advice shared over 23 seed corn projects, and onward links made with charities, patient/carer support groups, the University of the Third Age and many more community-led networks.
  • Recruitment, events and networking activities for research fellows
  • GW4 links established

The CBMA advocated that research should be accessible and understood by the widest audience possible, and a key focus within the CBMA was being able to share frontline research in such a way that it was accessible to the widest of audiences. By working closely with members of the MAGPIEs, it was ensured that work was clearly understood and communicated, and its intended impact made clear.

Funding Available

Funding for pre-seed and seed corn projects is still available through the Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter (TREE). Click on the links below for more information:

  • Pre-seed funding
  • Seed corn funding

For more information on pre-seed and seed corn timetables, formats and requirements, please visit the Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter web pages. TREE is our most recently funded initiative from the Wellcome Trust, continuing and further developing the work and achievements of the Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis.