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About the centre

The Centre for Archaeology of the Americas consists of internationally recognised archaeologists involved in a wide range of interdisciplinary research projects across North, Central and South America, at the interface of archaeology, the humanities and the natural sciences. These projects include topics such as the peopling of the Americas, early plant domestication and the spread of agricultural landscapes, Andean high-altitude settlement and circulation, the emergence and internal dynamics of complex societies, interaction and long-distance exchange, ancient technologies and material culture studies, critical approaches to heritage, identity and indigenous rights, human-environmental relations, among other topics.

To address these research topics their members bring expertise on archaeobotany, lithic and pottery analysis, provenance studies, remote sensing, satellite imagery and GIS, zooarchaeology, among others. We interact closely with the Experimental lab in the Department of Archaeology to explore the crossover of experimental approaches with several of these methodologies to answer specific research questions. We engage with local communities through a variety of outreach activities, including educational workshops and dissemination events and outputs, and we have developed collaborative research projects with local indigenous and rural communities.

The centre aims to promote the research of the department's archaeologists and their collaborators in all aspects of the Archaeology of the Americas. The centre also sponsors occasional research seminars on the Archaeology of the Americas, often in collaboration with EXCELAS, the Exeter Centre for Latin American Studies and the Digital Humanities Lab.

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