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Research students

A number of research students are supervised by the staff of the Centre for the Archaeology of the Americas. Listed below are the students attached to the Centre, their project titles and links to their postgraduate profiles, where you can find out about their research in more detail.

If you want to find out more about postgraduate research at Exeter, case studies of a number of individual students are also available.

PhD students

Student nameThesis title
Felipe Do Nascimento Rodrigues Many rocks, many functions? Investigating stone raw material selection, use and its socio-economic implications for Southern Jê prehistory in South Brazil

Former students, Postdocs and Visiting Fellows

Student nameResearch
Francesco Orlandi (2021) Heritage Cosmopolitics: Archaeology, Indigeneity and Rights in Bolivia and Argentina

Lautaro Hilbert (2017)

'Investigating Plant Management in the Monte Castelo (Rondônia- Brazil) and Tucumã (Pará-Brazil) Shell Mound Using Phytoliths Analysis'. Funded by CAPES, Brazil.
Daiana Travassos (2017) 'Dark Earth Plant Management in the Lower Tapajos'. Funded by CAPES, Brazil.
Jonas Gregorio de Souza (2017) 'Pathways to power in the southern Brazilian highlands: Households, communities and status at Southern Proto-Jê pit house settlements'. Funded by CAPES, Brazil.
Carlos Salgado Ceballos (2016)  View Honorary fellow profile in Centre Staff section.
Jennifer Watling (2014) 'Environmental Impact of the Pre-Columbian Geoglyph Builders of Western Amazonia'. Funded by AHRC.
Ciprian Ardelean (2013) 'Archaeology of Early Human Occupations and the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition in the Zacatecas Desert, Northern Mexico'. Funded by Agencia Mexicana de Cooperacion Internacional para el Desarrollo.
Rafael Corteletti (2010) 'Upper Canoas Archaeological Project: A Study of the Jê presence on the Santa Catarina Plateau'. Funded by CNPq, Brazil.

Former Post-docs

Postdoctoral Internships

Maria de los Milagros Colobig (2019) ‘Arqueobotanica del Delta Superior del Parana, Entre Rios, Argentina: Los fitolitos como herramienta para reconstruir los usos humanos de las plantas’. Funded by CONICET, Argentina.

Maria Lopez Rojas (2018) ‘Paleovegetación y su relación con las sociedades prehispánicas del 300 N.E al 1200/1300 N.E. según la secuencia ocupacional del montículo 01, Nuevo Corinto (L-72-NC). Funded by Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Costa Rica.