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Group discussion 1

Geneva-Exeter Seed Grant Initiative: What does decoloniality mean in different heritage contexts?

The Centre for the Archaeology of the Americas and the South Asia Centre  engaged in the first activity of the Geneva-Exeter Collaborative Seed Grant initiative Pathways towards collaborative approaches to indigenous and minority cultural heritage and landscape sustainabilityon Monday 23 August.

The activities consisted of two meetings with heritage experts from across the world to explore what decoloniality means for museums, heritage sites, and related settings. The meetings were held online and successfully brought together a large group of experts from different disciplinary and geographic backgrounds around the timely discussion topic Heritage and Decoloniality: global exchanges and conversations.

This introductive networking encounter promoted by the Department of Archaeology, University of Exeter and the Geneva School of Social Sciences, University of Geneva, aimed at sharing critical questions and shaping a common working agenda by identifying emerging themes across the humanities and social sciences for the study of heritage in its multiple historical, juridical, and spatial dimensions. Besides participants from Geneva and Exeter, the discussion had contributions from colleagues in Argentina, Australia, India, Italy, Kenya, the Netherlands, Palestine, Peru, and Sri Lanka. Some of these participants are involved in a separate but related EU Networking project awarded to Lazzari (Exeter, Archaeology) and Lilley (Leiden, Archaeology and Heritage) last year, which has enabled to explore synergies and expand potential collaboration areas.

The exploratory character of this initiative will feed into the preparation for a second meeting scheduled to take place in Geneva, 21 and 22 October.

For information, contact Francesco Orlandi,

Date: 3 September 2021

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