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The PROMETHEUS project has resulted in the release of a number of future weather files which can be used to test how future-proof buildings are against predicted climate change. The files were created using the UKCP09 weather generator, and are available for download for free from this website, subject to terms and conditions. The weather files are currently available for 45 locations as indicated by the map on the right, each for 3 time periods and 2 emissions scenarios.

The files are in the Energy Plus format (.epw) which can be imported into most building thermal simulation software packages including IES. The files can also be opened in Excel as a comma separated variable file. More details can be found in the Read Me file (downloadable PDF).

The full methodology has been peer-reviewed and is published in BSER&T, and you can also download a pre print version (PDF file). When referencing the weather files in publications and reports please reference as: 

M. Eames, T. Kershaw and D. Coley Building Serv. Eng. Res. Technol.,  32 127-142 (2011)

Downloading the future weather files

In order to download the future weather files you must first read and agree to our terms and conditions. 

The data collected below will be used to keep track of how the weather files are used and to assess the impact of this particular resource. It will also be used to keep users up to date with any changes to the data sets. Personal data collected is confidential and will not be shared with third parties without permission. 

Please fill in our form to download the future weather files.

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