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PROMETHEUS Publications

Modelling the Impact of Climate Change in Schools,
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Conference: Dangerous Rates of Change, Exeter, Sept. 2008.
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Climate Change, Thermal Comfort and Building Design,
CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group - Thermal Comfort for Building Occupants, London, Nov. 2008.
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Changes in Internal Temperatures within the Built Environment as a Response to a Changing Climate,

Building and Environment, Volume 45 (1), January 2010, Pages 89-93
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Characterizing the Response of Buildings to Climate Change - the issue of overheating,
5th Urban Research Symposium "Cities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Agenda", Marseille, June. 2009.
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Estimation of the Urban Heat Island for UK Climate Change Projections,
Building Services Engineering Research & Technology, Volume 31 (3), August 2010, Pages 251-264
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Accessing the Thermal Mass above Suspended Ceilings via a Perimeter Gap: a CFD Study of Naturally Ventilated Spaces,
International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 9 (2), September 2010, Pages 163-176
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Comparison of Multi-Year and Reference Year Building Simulations,
Building Services Engineering Research & Technology, Volume 31 (4), November 2010, Pages 357-369
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Framing, Uncertainty and Climate Change,
Global Environmental Change, Volume 21 (1), February 2011, Pages 103-109
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On the Creation of Future Probabilistic Design Weather Years from UKCP09,
Building Services Engineering Research & Technology, Volume 32 (2), May 2011, Pages 127-142
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The Creation of Wind Speed and Direction Data for the Use in Probabilistic Future Weather Files,
Building Services Engineering Research & Technology, Volume 32 (2), May 2011, Pages 143-158
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Building a Better Future: An Exploration of Beliefs about Climate Change and Perceived Need for Adaptation within the Building Industry,
Building and Environment, Volume 46 (5), May 2011, Pages 1151-1158
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Assessing the Risk of Climate Change for Buildings: A Comparison between Multi-Year and Probabilistic Reference Year Simulations,
Building and Environment, Volume 46 (6) June 2011, Pages 1303-1308
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The Appropriate Spatial Resolution of Future Weather Files for Building Simulation,
Journal of Building Performance Simulation, DOI:10.1080/19401493.2011.608133
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Future UK Circulation and Wind Projections and their Relevance for the Built Environment,
Met Office Report, August 2010.
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