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Core membersInterests
Professor Justin Dillon (Director) STEM policy and practice; environmental/sustainability education
Associate Professor Taro Fujita (Associate Director) Mathematics and technology education; dialogic/inferentialism in education
Mr Luke Graham Science teacher education
Associate Professor Lindsay Hetherington (Associate Director) New materialist dialogic theory; science education
Dr Judith Kleine Staarman Dialogue/dialogic education; technologies for teaching and learning
Dr Shirley Larkin Metacognition, self-regulated learning and thinking skills
Dr Thomas Ralph Secondary Mathematics
Dr George Tarling Role of educators in both responding to and shaping evolving socio-technical practices
Associate members  

Dr Pallavi Banerjee

Dr Kerry Chappell  
Dr Darren Moore  

Dr Bethan Stagg 

Ms Lucy Yeomans  
Emeritus members
Emeritus Professor Paul Ernest