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CWS Seminars

The CWS Seminar Series will take place weekly throughout term-time. Please visit our Eventbrite page for further details about our planned seminars and to register your attendance.  

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Upcoming Events

Please see the information below about our upcoming events and don't forget to register your attendance (either in-person or online):

DateTimeLocationSpeakerOrganisation Title
15/04/24 13:30-14:30 Harrison 170 & online Rebecca Hall University of Exeter/University of Queensland Quantification of water and energy consumption associated with domestic hot water
22/04/24 14:30-15:30 Harrison 170 & online Prof Kapil Gupta IIT Bombay Mitigating Urban Flood Disasters under a Changing Climate
13/05/24 13:30-14:30 Harrison 170 & online Dr Sally Brown Environment Agency Working in knowledge exchange and undertaking flood research at the Environment Agency
20/05/24 13:30-14:30 Harrison 170 & online Tom Dauben Environment Agency Flood Resilience & Adaptation

Recent Events

Please see below for information about our recent events:

25/03/2024 Dr Farhad Bahmanpouri Italian National Research Council

Applications of the Entropy model in estimating flow discharge and sediment transport in rivers

11/03/2024 Dondu Sarisen University of Exeter

Simulating intermittent water supply systems under uncertainty

26/02/2024 Dr Jiping Jiang Southern University of Science and Technology

First principle of rational decision making on water quality management

19/02/2024 Peter von Lany Jacobs

Applying adaptive planning and adaptation pathways to strategic flood risk management

12/02/2024 Dr Matt Johns University of Exeter

WATERLINE: Pioneering Digital and Extended Reality Innovations in Water Systems Engineering

30/01/2024 Prof Hubert Chanson University of Queensland

Fluid mechanics of large hydraulic structures during large floods and their modelling

23/01/2024 Prof Nigel Wright University of Birmingham

Support for decision-making for urban flood resilience

31/08/2023-01/09/2023 Various Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter

Advances in Water Research & Innovation: 1998 to 2023 and beyond. Celebrating 25 years of CWS

22/06/2023 Prof David Butler, Prof Tania Kovats, Trevor Bishop & Dr Sarah Ward Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter & Agile Rabbit

Water and climate change: 10 things you should know

27/03/2023 Paul Hargreaves Jacobs

Dual-use blue green infrastructure; a local example - Sidmouth Amphitheatre

20/03/2023 Diego Ciriminna University of Palermo

Permeable Pavement, a hydrological mitigation solution modeled in EPA SWMM. A study of the best performance

13/03/2023 Jess Penny University of Exeter

Impact of Land Use Changes of Hydrological Regimes

20/02/2023 Dr Bhattacharya, Rhys Hart & Lucas Cannon Atkins Ltd/University of Exeter

Engineering Net Zero

13/02/2023 Dr Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia KWR/University of Exeter

Digital Transition for the Water Sector at European level: Challenges and perspectives

06/02/2023 Ben Hamilton University of Exeter

Novel phase portrait methodology for the real time detection of waste water blockages

30/01/2023 Dr Josh Myrans South West Water/University of Exeter

Automated Sewer CCTV Annotation

23/01/2023 Dr Patrick Thomson University of Oxford

For a Few Dollars More: Can better data help the rural water sector?

16/01/2023 Prof Luiza Campos University College London

Emerging Contaminants in Water – Treatments and Challenges

09/01/2023 Prof Lindsay Beevers University of Edinburgh

The use of data in water governance and decision making in urban contexts

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