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The paper looked at household water usage

Best Paper Award for the iWIDGET Team at Exeter

A team of Exeter researchers and academics has won a best paper award from the Environmental Water Resources Institute.

Anders L. Sønderlund, Joanne R. Smith, Christopher J. Hutton, Zoran Kapelan and Dragan Savic won the Environmental Water Resources Institute’s Best Policy-Oriented Paper Award in 2017 for “Effectiveness of Smart Meter-Based Consumption Feedback in Curbing Household Water Use: Knowns and Unknowns". The paper was published in Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (ASCE) and it is based on the research conducted as part of the EU iWIDGET project on smart demand metering. This paper assesses the evidence base for the effectiveness of water-usage feedback technology in encouraging water conservation. It highlights the potential value of high-granularity smart-meter feedback technology in managing domestic water consumption. The paper concludes that more work is needed to pinpoint the most effective type of consumer feedback in terms of information content, frequency of delivery and medium, and how water consumption is linked to energy consumption. 

Date: 24 February 2017

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