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An CCTV image from the research

Centre Expert Presents New Technology for Wastewater

In May, Professor Kapelan was invited to take part in the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN). 

The theme was “Embracing Wastewater Resilience – A Current Reality”. He gave a talk on ‘Detection of Structural Faults in Wastewater Systems’ which presented exciting new technology that is being developed in collaboration with Wessex Water.

The idea is to automate the detection and classification of faults in sewers from standard CCTV footage. The technology uses latest image processing and artificial intelligence techniques. Tests continue to yield successful results. The ground-breaking work is also being presented at the forthcoming ICUD and CCWI conferences in September 2017.

For additional information please contact Prof Kapelan.



Date: 21 June 2017

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