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7th RESCCUE project meeting attendees

CWS hosts RESCCUE project meeting

On 6-7th June 2019, the Centre for Water Systems hosted the 7th Project Committee Meeting of the RESCCUE project, with participation of approximately forty colleagues from France, Spain, Portugal and the UK. 

RESCCUE (RESilience to cope with Climate Change in Urban arEas – a multisectorial approach focusing on water) is a H2020 project that is developing and integrating software tools and new knowledge related to the detailed urban services performance, into novel loosely coupled models and multi-risk assessment methods.

These tools will allow urban resilience assessment from a multisectorial approach, for current and future climate change scenarios, including multiple hazards and cascading effects. The RESCCUE approach has been implemented in Barcelona, Bristol and Lisbon and, with the support of UN-Habitat, has been disseminated in other cities. Exeter CWS leads Work Package 3 of this project.

RESCCUE is in its final stages and its outcomes will be comprehensively disseminated at the Urban Resilience in a Context of Climate Change Conference to be held in Barcelona on 9-10th March 2020.  

Date: 24 October 2019

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