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ENRICH kick-off meeting attendees

ENRICH inception workshop and kick-off meeting

Prof. Slobodan Djordjevic, Prof. Mat Collins, Dr Albert Chen, Dr Joe Osborne and Jessica Penny attended the inception workshop and kick-off meeting of the “ENRICH" (Enhancing Resilience for future Hydro-meteorological extremes in the Mun river basin in the North-East of Thailand) project, which was held on 5-7th February 2019 at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok; our project partner.

The workshop was attended by over seventy local stakeholders from relevant Thai institutions and international organisations based in Thailand, and it was opened by the AIT President Dr Eden Woon.

ENRICH is a part of a major £7m NERC-funded research programme “Understanding the impacts of flooding and drought in South East Asia”. Eighteen projects on this programme have been co-funded by NERC and national research councils in different five countries within this region.

Five researchers from AIT visited the UK in May 2019 and, in addition to the ENRICH project meetings held in Exeter, a joint workshop was also organised at Imperial College London with another NERC project;  “CHANSE" (Coupled Human And Natural Systems Environment for water management under uncertainty in the Indo-Gangetic Plain).

The next ENRICH meeting and integration activities with other projects on this programme will take place in Thailand in early 2020.  

Date: 18 October 2019

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