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Flooding at the River Ouse

Flooding From Intense Rainfall Project

Academics and researchers from CWS are participating in the FFIR project funded by NERC, which aims to reduce the risks of damage and loss of life caused by flooding.

This will happen through improved identification, characterisation and prediction of interacting meteorological, hydrological and hydro-morphological processes that contribute to flooding associated with high-intensity rainfall events.

The FFIR is led by the University of Reading and has three specific sub-projects:

  • Project FRANC: The goal is to improve short-range forecasts of severe weather via the reduction of initial condition errors
  • Project SINATRA: The aim here is to advance scientific understanding of the processes determining the probability, incidence, and impacts of FFIR
  • Project TENDERLY aims to demonstrate end-to-end forecasting of flooding from intense rainfall, improve the effectiveness of flood risk management and underpin flood forecasting and risk management through the gathering of high quality scientific and community sourced data.

The CWS team is working on both SINATRA and TENDERLY projects. 

Date: 27 January 2017

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