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The famous water tower in Sacramento

Professor Kapelan talks on Smart Water Technologies at the EWRI Congress

In May 2017, Professor Zoran Kapelan enjoyed a trip to Sacramento, California for the ‘Smart Water Technologies Symposium’. 

It was held as part of the Environmental Water Resources Institute’s annual congress. He was invited to take part in the panel on ‘International Perspectives on Smart Water Technologies’.

As a member of the panel, Professor Kapelan gave a talk on the UK perspective on smart water technologies. The talk highlighted several advanced technologies currently used in the UK, including the Event Recognition System that is used by United Utilities to detect events such as pipe bursts and equipment failures in near real-time. Other members of the panel addressed the conference on smart water perspectives in the US, Israel, India and South America.

After the event Professor Kapelan said ‘The development of smart water technologies continues to be one of the most exciting areas of water research, with potentially large benefits for both the water industry and its customers. These kind of events are fantastically helpful to engage the work of myself and my researchers in an international arena’. 

Date: 15 June 2017

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