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Welsh Water

Successful partnership with Welsh Water

Professors Kapelan, Djordjevic and Keedwell have recently completed a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Welsh Water.

It focused on developing new data analytics type methods for detecting blockages in wastewater networks and related issues at Combined Sewer Overflows.

The KTP changed the way company manages blockages, from a reactive approach that relied on customers reporting incidents to a more proactive approach where blockages are anticipated, and hence prevented. It also led to major annual operational cost savings, substantially improved the wastewater service to its over 3 million customers. It increased the business efficiency by reducing the negative environmental impact (via reduced pollution and flooding incidents). Following the success of the KTP project, Welsh Water agreed to a new 4-year research project with Professor Kapelan to improve the understanding of various factors impacting on blockage rates and develop a new methodology for cost-effective scheduling of related operational interventions.

For further details please contact Professor Kapelan.



Date: 24 February 2017

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