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Danyang Gao, Postgraduate Researcher

Danyang Gao - Water They Up To: CWS in the Spotlight

Postgraduate Researcher Danyang Gao is next to feature in our 'Water they up to: CWS in the Spotlight' series.

What is your research about?

My research topic is modelling the influence of climate change on Water-Energy-Food nexus. The overall aim is to identify the water, energy and food risks under the influence of a range of future climate change and urbanisation scenarios and extreme hydrological events (e.g. drought and flood).

What is the most exciting part about your research?

The outcome of my research could provide evidences for policy making as well as recommendations to help water, food and energy sectors develop strategies for adapting to climate change. Making a small contribution to sustainable development is the most exciting part I think.

When thinking about water, what place comes to mind first and why?

Water always reminds me of cozy and beautiful places: at the seaside, basking in the sun, blowing the sea breeze and chasing waves. In a warm room, watching the falling rain outside the window and painting watercolors. Hopefully, through our exploration and management of water, we will always be able to live peacefully with it.

Which movie or book character would you most associate with water?

It's strange that every movie that I can remember about water seems to show a disaster. I remember “Waterworld”, which is set in the distant future where the polar ice cap has completely melted and the sea level has risen over 7,600 m (25,000 ft), covering nearly all of the land. When I watched the film, it made me think deeply about the impacts of climate change on water.

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Date: 11 July 2022

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