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We examine how the connections between people, teams and organisations evolve and how they relate to impactful outcomes.

Andrew Parker, Director of the Exeter Centre for Social Networks

Welcome to the Exeter Centre for Social Networks

Effective social networks are vitally important to healthy economies and societies. How people and organisations interact can impact innovation, growth and productivity. By understanding how networks influence human behaviour, leaders can communicate better, build stronger cultures and collaborate more effectively.

The mission of the Exeter Centre for Social Networks is to advance the study of social networks in organisations.

We are a leading centre of research and excellence in this field. Our high-quality research has been published in top academic journals. We bring academics together to share and debate the very latest thinking. And we use our knowledge to support the next generation of researchers in advancing theoretical and practical applications from their work.


Conduct and publish rigorous research into a wide range of issues connected to social networks. These include leadership, innovation, HR practices, interpersonal conflict, wellbeing and performance.
Deliver events and training for PhD students and academics with an interest in social networks (experienced and newly qualified).
Carry out applied research within organisations, both in the public and private sectors, to find practical solutions to problems.