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Welcome to the Centre for Entrepreneurship

As the business world experiences an increase in the scope and pace of change, dealing effectively with uncertainty becomes a must for business survival.

Current themes such as the 4th industrial revolution and the associated ‘future of work’, coupled with the global environmental and social challenges require us to engage in new ways of doing business. Entrepreneurs are the change agents that will explore and create the next economy. The new University of Exeter Business School Centre for Entrepreneurship is built to enable entrepreneurs to be successful in creating this change. It encompasses the already very successful Student Startup Office and the Business School’s Entrepreneurship faculty and brings them together to both do entrepreneurship and create world leading thinking that will inform the future of business.

The Centre sits within a wider family of synergistic and reciprocal themes in the forward-facing Business School SITE Department of Science, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. This strengthens its ability to deliver on its objectives of producing world class evidence based research and delivering a world class educational experience.

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