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 Professor Erno Tornikoski  Professor Erno Tornikoski
Professor of Entrepreneurship, Director
 Raphael Dennett  Raphael Dennett
Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Deputy Director (Entrepreneurship Education)
 Joe Pearce  Joe Pearce
Exeter Innovation, Deputy Director (Student Startups)
 Professor Tom Vanacker  Professor Tom Vanacker
Distinguished Research Professor in Entrepreneurship, Associate Professor in Ghent University
Dr Naheed Bashir
Lecturer in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship
Tausif Bordoloi Tausif Bordoloi
Lecturer in Innovation and Circular Economy
Imogen Clements
Lecturer in Business Strategy
 Dr William Casely  Dr William Casely
Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Bach Nguyen
Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and SME Management

 Dr Andreas Georgiou Dr Andreas Georgiou
Lecturer in Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Professor Abdullah Gök
Associate Professor in Sustainable Innovation
 Adam Lusby  Adam Lusby
Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
 Dr Cliff Li  Dr Cliff Li
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
 Dr Greg Molecke  Dr Greg Molecke
Lecturer in Philanthropy / Social Entrepreneurship
Robert Pearce  Dr Bill Russell  Dr Bill Russell
Senior Lecturer
 Dr Pratheeba Vimalnath l  Dr Pratheeba Vimalnath
Lecturer in Innovation, Intellectual Property and Sustainability
Dr Ruth Cherrington  Dr Ruth Cherrington
Lecturer in Sustainable Futures
Dr Laura Colombo Dr Laura Colombo
Lecturer in Sustainable Futures
Dr Constantine Manolchev  Dr Constantine Manolchev
Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Futures
Professor John Bessant  Professor John Bessant
Emeritus Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Andreu Blesa
Professor, University of Jaume 1 (Spain)
Yosra Boughattas Yosra Boughattas
Associate Professor, University of Artois (France)
Professor Rangapriya (Priya) Kannan-Narasimhan  Professor Rangapriya (Priya) Kannan-Narasimhan
Professor in Entrepreneurship
María Ripollés
Associate Professor, University of Jaume 1 (Spain)
 Leah Boundy  Leah Boundy
PhD Candidate in Management
 Ian Gray  Ian Gray
PhD Candidate in Management
 Ian Gray  Lena Prouchet
PhD Candidate in Management
Nuha Qonita
PhD Candidate in Management
Vinayak Sharma
PhD Candidate in Management

The Centre for Entrepreneurship also works closely with the Student Start-up team.