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The Centre has partnerships with institutes and universities the world over.

The Centre for Studies in Politics and Law, Peking University

‌The vice director of the Centre for Studies in Politics and Law at Peking University, Prof Zhang Yongle was invited to the University of Exeter in 2014. He gave a talk in the Global China lecture series during his visit. Prof Zhang is an international affiliated fellow of the Global China Research Centre. Dr Zhiguang Yin has also been a fellow of the Centre for Studies in Politics and Law since 2015. Prof James Devenney, Dean of Exeter Law School, visited the centre and gave a talk in October 2015. The two centres are now discussing a summer school programme.

Consilium Research Institute, Chongqing University

Dr Zhiguang Yin is a fellow in the Consilium Research Institute.

Dujia Media network

Dujia Media is a growing Chinese new Media company. One of the students in Modern Languages Department, Chris Sargent, who is currently (2015-16) conducting a year abroad in China appears as a guest host in one of their programmes, sharing his observation of living in China as a foreigner. The Global China Research Centre is currently discussing further collaborative projects with Dujia Media.

National Institute of Strategic Communication, Peking University

Dr Zhiguang Yin gave a talk in the National Institute of Strategic Communication lecture series in 2015. NISC also hopes to host a series of collaborative conferences with Global China Research Centre.