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Centre staff

Management Board
Dr Thomas Burnham Lecturer in Chinese (E&S)
Professor Adam Watt Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences), Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Dr Yue Zhuang Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Art History and Visual Culture
Postgraduate and ECR Seminar Co-convenors
Dr Thomas Burnham Lecturer in Chinese (E&S)
Ms Jingjing Cao PhD student
Yang Lu PhD Student
Mr Xiao Wang PhD student
Qi Zhou PhD Student
Affiliated members
Professor Dionisius Agius Al Qasimi Professor of Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture
Cariad Astles Lecturer (E&S)
Professor Kate Fisher Professor
Professor Henry French Professor
Professor Regenia Gagnier Professor of English, FBA, FAE, FEA, FRSA
Professor Robert Gleave Professor of Arabic Studies, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Dr John Heathershaw Associate Professor
Professor Katharine Hodgson Professor in Russian
Professor Nick Kaye Professor of Performance Studies
Dr David Lewis Senior Lecturer
Professor Muireann Maguire Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature
Professor Tim Niblock Professor Emeritus
Professor Chloe Paver Associate Professor in German
Professor Henry Power Associate Dean of Education, Professor
Professor Richard Seaford Emeritus Professor
Professor Jane Spencer Emeritus Professor of English
Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Religion
Professor David Thackeray Professor of Modern British and Imperial History
Professor Corinna Wagner Professor
Professor Ulrike Zitzlsperger Associate Professor in German
Postgraduate affiliated members
Zhangmei Tang PhD student in Politics
External members
Dr Bruce Currey
Dr Catherine Owen Assistant professor in Xi’an International Studies University
Dr Junqing Wu Past & Present Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, University of London
International fellows
Dr Han Liu International Fellow
Professor Yongle Zhang Associate Professor of Legal History, Peking University