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Recent and current projects include:

Lynette Mitchell, various works on aspects of Hellenism and Panhellenism:

  • L.G. Mitchell, Panhellenism and the Barbarian in Archaic and Classical Greece, Swansea, 2007
  • L.G. Mitchell, ‘The community of the Hellenes’, in P. Funke and H. Beck (edd.), Federalism in Greek Antiquity, Cambridge, October 2015, 49-65
  • L.G. Mitchell, ‘Apistia: faithlessness and the Greek polis’, in S. Feickert, A. Haut & K. Sharaf (edd.), Faces of Communities: Social Ties between Trust, Loyalty and Conflict, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, 2014, 61-76..

Daniel Ogden, continuing project on the Greek, Roman and Medieval dragon:

  • D. Ogden, Drakon: Dragon Myth and Serpent Cult in the Greek and Roman Worlds (OUP, Oxford, 2013)
  • D. Ogden, Dragons, Serpents and Slayers in the Classical and Early Christian Worlds (OUP, New York, 2013)
  • D.  Ogden, ‘A snake and something more: the dragon in Classical Antiquity and the early Medieval West’ in J. Nagy ed., (details TBC).