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Cornwall Council's Economic Growth Team

Cornwall Council's Economic Growth Team

Business innovation, vibrant creativity, outstanding environment and career opportunities are spread across Cornwall, but equality of opportunity to access them is not. Creating the opportunity to change that, to give everyone in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly the chance to prosper, is therefore of critical importance.

Cornwall Council's Economic Growth Team aim to help to deliver better living standards and well-being across Cornwall. They do this through our focus on green and inclusive growth, and growing innovative businesses and organisations. Such enterprises are characterised by their growing social and environmental responsibility, facilitating growth and increased investment in our green economy and high potential sectors, empowering proud and vibrant communities and by creating skills and employment programmes. This means that people in Cornwall can live longer, healthier lives earning real living wages in their careers of choice.

The team unlock private, public and third sector sources of funding to facilitate the development of a number of extraordinary opportunities that exist within Cornwall and Isles of Scilly - such as clean energy resources, geo resources, data and space, visitor economy and agri-food - in order to help diversify our economy and drive improvements in our overall productivity levels. In addition, they also aim to work with the entire existing business base to help increase their contribution to our “Good Growth” objectives.

View the team's latest data on Cornwall’s socio-economic profile:

This report gives a breakdown of social mobility indicators by parliamentary constituency.

Social Mobility Index report

This report underpins Cornwall Council's evidence base to help shape the 2050 Vision for Cornwall. It identifies the challenges, opportunities, long-term drivers and trends that will influence the future of Cornwall for generations to come.

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These reports contain the latest indicators in areas such as the labour market, economic output and housing.

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