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The State of Cornwall: What we currently know about our socio-economic landscape

The State of Cornwall is a new report from the Institute of Cornish Studies, which brings together the latest research into the social and economic issues affecting Cornwall today.

The report is authored by Phoebe Lawlor, a postgraduate researcher at the University of Exeter; Dr Joanie Willett, Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies; and Professor Malcolm Williams, who leads the Institute's new Social and Economic Research Unit.

Why the State of Cornwall report?

We know that beyond Cornwall’s scenery and visitor attractions, we have considerable poverty and inequality. Equally we have massive social and economic potential, cultural possibilities and environmental activism. 

However, despite some noteworthy research projects, our knowledge of the ‘State of Cornwall’ is partial and fractured. Our new Social and Economic Research Unit was set up to try to address this knowledge gap through social and economic research.

The State of Cornwall project is our first step. Our intention is to scope the overall picture in Cornwall, from the perspective of organisations working within it. What do they see as the main problems we face and what might be a way forward? Where should our research priorities lie?

Download the full report here