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Recently Graduated Students

The Centre has for many years been a centre of excellence in postgraduate research across the disciplines of medieval studies. Below is a selection of our recent PhD graduates.

Student nameYearThesis title
Asma Alshaiban 2019 The depiction of women in the historical work of Ibn Wasil
Ranyh Alatawi 2020 Al-Waqidi and the Early Islamic Conquests
Des Atkinson 2021 Ecclesia reformata? John Morton's Contemporaries and the Re-making of the English Church
Tom Chadwick 2018 Re-evaluating Norman Ethnic Identity in Europe, 911-1140
Richard Cooke


A Critical Evaluation of the Evidence for Accelerated Economic Development in Devon during the 'Long Fifteenth Century'

Ryan Kemp


Kingship in Twelfth-Century English and German Saints’ Lives and Bishops’ Biographies

Carole Lomas 2022 Reconstructing the Development of the Early Medieval Church with Somerset as a Case Study
Andrew Margetts 2020 The Wandering Herd: The Medieval Cattle Economy of the South-East, c.450-1450
Henry Marsh 2020 Narratives of Crisis, a Divided Elite: The English Chronicles from 1377-1422
Edward Mills 2021 Imagining and Enacting Education in the French of Medieval England
Richard Nevell 2018 The Archaeology of Castle Slighting in the Middle Ages
Eddie Procter 2019 Topographical Legacies of Monasticism: Evolving Perceptions and Realities of Monastic Landscapes in the Southern Welsh Marches
Lenneke van Raaij 2020 Searching for the Local Past in the Liturgy of Ottonian and early Salian Trier, 900-1050
Teresa Tinsley 2019 Hernando de Baeza and the making of Catholic Spain
Nikki Vousden 2022 Churches in the Landscape: The Cultural, Historical and Social Impact of Early Christianity in South-west Britain
Paul Williams 2021 The Trading Community of Exeter, 1470-1570
Teresa Witcombe 2019 Between Paris and Al-Andalus: Bishop Maurice of Burgos and His World c. 1208-1238