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Our Staff

Centre Director
Dr Gregory Lippiatt Lecturer in Medieval History (E&R) (Medieval aristocracy and political reform, crusades, heresy, France and the Mediterranean, 12th–13th centuries)
Arab and Islamic Studies
Professor Dionisius Agius Al Qasimi Professor of Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture (Islamic material culture, maritime ethnography and Arabic language and linguistics)
Dr István Kristó-Nagy Lecturer in Arab & Islamic Studies
Professor Ian Netton Sharjah Professor of Islamic Studies (Classical Arab and Islamic history; Islamic theology and philosophy; sufism; medieval Arab travellers; Arabic and Islamic bibliography; Islamic art and architecture; comparative textuality and semiotics; and comparative religion)
Dr Michael Noble
Professor Sajjad Rizvi Associate Professor of Islamic Intellectual History (Islamic philosophical traditions, mystical theology and Shi'ite thought)
Dr Emily Selove Associate Professor in Medieval Arabic Literature
Professor Oliver Creighton Professor of Archaeology (Medieval archaeology; landscape studies; medieval town and country; medieval castle studies)
Dr Hajnalka Herold Senior Lecturer in Historical Archaeology (Early medieval archaeology (AD 400-1100))
Dr Catriona McKenzie Senior Lecturer in Human Osteoarchaeology
Professor Stephen Rippon Professor of Landscape Archaeology (Landscape archaeology; wetland archaeology; Roman-medieval transition)
Professor Naomi Sykes Head of Department, The Lawrence Professor of Archaeology
Art History and Visual Culture
Professor Fabrizio Nevola Professor in Art History and Visual Culture
Classics and Ancient History
Professor Richard Flower Associate Professor in Classics and Late Antiquity (Roman and late Roman history; religious identity; late-antique and Christian 'patristic' literature, especially invective and heresiology; the many and various forms of authority)
Dr Naomi Howell Lecturer
Professor Eddie Jones Professor (Middle English; middle English religious history; hermits and anchorites; medieval religious history; interrelation of textuality and history in late medieval culture)
Professor Elliot Kendall Associate Professor (Middle English, Ricardian literature, the aristocratic household in medieval society, intersections of ‘literary’ and ‘official’ texts, medieval apocalyptic)
Dr Helen Birkett Senior Lecturer
Dr Tom Chadwick Lecturer in Medieval History
Professor James Clark Director of Societies and Cultures Institute (Late medieval monasticism, late medieval humanism and historical writing)
Dr Jennifer Farrell Lecturer in Medieval History
Professor Sarah Hamilton Professor of Medieval History (The religious and social history of Early Medieval Europe, c900–1100; monasteries, bishops and medieval kingship; the institution of penance in Lotharingian, German and Italian society)
Dr Gregory Lippiatt Lecturer in Medieval History (E&R) (Medieval aristocracy and political reform, crusades, heresy, France and the Mediterranean, 12th–13th centuries)
Dr Stuart Pracy Lecturer in Medieval History
Professor Catherine Rider Associate Professor in Medieval History (Religious history, history of magic and the church's attitude to magic, history of medicine and the body )
Professor Levi Roach Associate Professor (Political and religious history of western Europe, 900–1100; charters and documentary culture; feudalism)
Dr Hester Schadee Senior Lecturer in European History, 1450 - 1750 (Fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italian humanism; cultural history of ideas; and classical reception)
Professor Jane Whittle Professor of Economic and Social History (The history of rural England, 1250-1750 (especially 1350-1650))
Modern Languages
Professor Thomas Hinton Associate Professor of French Language and Literature
Professor Ulrike Zitzlsperger Associate Professor in German (The literary figure of the fool, pamphlets in the Early Modern period, and the role of women)
Theology and Religion
Professor Emma Loosley-Leeming Professor of Middle Eastern and Caucasian Christianities (Late antique byzantine culture in the near east)
Professor Morwenna Ludlow Professor of Christian History and Theology (Early medieval monasticism and eschatology)
Honorary Research Fellows and Other Members of the Centre
Dr Peter Cramer Honorary Research Fellow
Marion Glasscoe Former member of staff in English (Medieval mysticism)
Dr Robert Higham Honorary University Fellow (Medieval British archaeology; castle studies; medieval settlement)
Professor Richard Hitchcock Emeritus Professor for Modern Languages (Medieval Hispanic studies literature; Hispano-Arabic studies)
Dr Jonathan Hughes Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Alan Robertshaw Emeritus Professor for Modern Languages (Late medieval German lyric, especially the works of Tyrolean poet-composer Oswald van Wolkenstein (c1377-1445))
Professor Michael Swanton Emeritus Professor for English (Old English)
Dr Kim Taylor-Moore Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Dr John Withrington Honorary Research Fellow (Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur; Middle English Arthurian romance; the role of the Arthurian legend in Medieval and Renaissance notions of history and nationhood)