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Research Students

Student nameSupervisorsProvisional research title
Sevastiana Anagnostopoulou William Higbee and Song Lim Going West: Inter-European Immigration in 'Western' European Film

Aygul Bakanova

Helen Hanson Women in Central Asian Cinema

Giulia Baso

Danielle Hipkins and Fiona Handyside Perspectives of Mediation and Contamination in the Films of M Antonioni and A Egoyan

Jake Bevan

William Higbee and Song Lim Post-Colonialism in Contemporary South Korean Cinema

Deena Bowman-Jamieson

William Higbee The Politics and Style of the Political Thriller during the First Cold War, 1945-1962

James Michael Chambers

Joe Kember and Les Blair The Strange Home project: Towards a Distinctive, 'Authentic' Contribution to Scottish Cinema Grounded in Community Folklore

Christopher Davies

James Lyons and Joe Kember "Is This Sparta?": Allegory, Analogy, and Warfare in the Post 9/11 Ancient Historical Epic Film

Jane Devoy

Joe Kember and Brian Dunnigan Methods of Writing, Production and Exhibition in Contemporary Filmmaking: How Modes of Working Affect Final Product

Edward Falvey

Joe Kember and James Lyons Reading the Cinematic City: Iconography, Transformations, and the Birth of New York City

Ruth Farrar

Helen Hanson and William Higbee To Investigate the Creative, Aesthetic, Technological and Commercial Issues in Designing a 3D Sound Experience in Film.

Pierrealain Giraud

William Higbee and Harriet Cox The Work of Darius Khondji: Cinematographic Authorship in Contemporary Cinema.

Ewen Glass

Sam North and William Higbee Screen Writing, Theory and Practice

Tamsin Graves

William Higbee and Fiona Handyside Screening the Gypsy: Marginal Identities and Outsiders in the Films of Tony Gatlif

Karen Grobben

Helen Hanson and Fiona Handyside Female Identity, Representation and Trauma in the Filmic Fairy Tale

Joseph Hickinbottom

Song Lim and James Lyons Takashi Miike: The Dynamics of Cult Authorship in the UK

Christopher Hite

Danielle Hipkins and James Lyons Italian Neo-Realist Cinema in Post War America

Yennan Lin

Song Lim and Fiona Handyside In Search of the Boundary of (Trans)national Cinema: Development and Change of Taiwanese Cinema After 1949

Jean Magro

James Lyons and William Higbee Transmedia Storytelling: A Critical Analysis of a Transmedia Story

David Morning

Song Lim and Fiona Handyside Postcommunism and Contemporary Czech Cinema

Michaela Morning

William Higbee and Fiona Handyside Exploration of the Notions of Surrealism in Czech Cinema

Katherine Newstead

Fiona Handyside

The Other Woman: Ageing and Monstrosity in the Contemporary Cinematic Fairy Tale

Ben Sherriff

William Higbee and Song Lim Digital Fluidity  PhD by Practice

Jamie Steele

William Higbee and Fiona Handyside Francophone Belgian Cinema

Christiane Stelberg

Gabriella Giannachi and James Lyons Film 3.0: Film in the Digital Media Landscape

Mohammad Taleifard

William Higbee and Les Blair Is it Possible to be in Internal Exile and yet be at Home?

Wan-Jui Wang

Song Lim Crossing Borders in Taiwan New Cinema: Historiography, Popularity, Postcoloniality

Adam Whybray

Joe Kember and James Lyons 'Animating Dissent': The Political Object of Czechoslovakian Stop-Motion Film