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People in CREWW


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Management Team
Prof Richard Brazier CREWW Co-Director / Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Exeter  
  CREWW Co-Director, Pennon Group plc  
Josephine Butcher CREWW Programme Manager, University of Exeter  
David Baldock  CREWW Programme Manager, SWW, South West Water  
Lucy McTaminey CREWW Technical Services Manager, University of Exeter  
Alice Foulkes CREWW Project Support Officer, University of Exeter  
Katie Parker Graduate Project Manager, South West Water  
CREWW Academics
Dr Garry Codling CREWW Senior Lecturer (E&R) in Water Chemistry & Water Quality  
Dr Diego Panici CREWW Lecturer (E&R) in Hydrological and Water Quality Modelling  
Dr Roger Auster   CREWW Lecturer (E&R) in Enivronment and Social Science  
Now hiring Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Applied Nature Based Solutions (Water)  
Now hiring Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Applied Nature Based Solutions (Climate)  
Now hiring CREWW/LEEP Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Environmental Economics  

Technical staff

Lukas Smik  CREWW Experimental Officer - Mass Spectrometry Specialist  
Debbbie Salmon  CREWW Experimental Officer - Mass Spectrometry Specialist  
Simon Arthur  CREWW Experimental Officer - IT  
Nela Nikolic  CREWW Research Technician - Microbiology Lab  
Joe Kleinschmidt  CREWW Research Technician - Microbiology Lab  
Cassian Blackburn-Enever  CREWW Research Technician - Lab  
Kirsty Frith  CREWW Research Technician - Field  
Vacancy  CREWW Research Technician  
Caroline Chu CREWW Graduate Research Technical Intern  
Erica Boston  Project Research Technician, Upstream Thinking (UST3)  
Cameron Clark  Project Research Technician, Upstream Thinking (UST3)  
Lou Goodger  Project Research Technician, Nature for Climate Change  
Leslie Galstaun  Project Research Technician, NetZero+   
Project-Related Academics (A-Z)
Dr Karen Anderson Professor in Remote Sensing  
Dr Stephanie Andrews Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Josie Ashe Research Associate  
Thilakshani Atugoda CREWW PhD Studentship on 'Microplastics in Sludge'  
Mehdi Bagheri Gavkosh DRIP PhD student on 'Optimising Natural Flood Management' (supervised by Brazier, Puttock and Panici)  
Dr Jonathan Ball Senior Research Fellow  
Prof Ian Bateman Director of the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP)  
Dr Pia Benaud Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Dr Georgie Bennett Associate Professor in Physical Geography  
Dr Paul Boisseaux Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Ecotoxicology  
Gareth Bradbury PhD Researcher, Beavers (supervised by Brazier and Puttock)  
Chryssa Brown PhD Researcher, Beavers (supervised by Brazier and Puttock)  
Dr Ross Brown

Senior Research Fellow

Prof David Butler Professor of Water Engineering and Director of the Centre for Water Systems  
Dr Albert S. Chen Personal Chair in Water and the Human Environment  
Dr Yu-Ting Chen Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Dr Stewart Clarke CREWW Honorary Postdoctoral Research Fellow; National Specialist for Freshwater, Catchments and Estuaries at The National Trust  
Kye Davies PhD Researcher (supervised by Brazier)  
Prof Brett Day Professor of Environmental Economics and Director of the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP)  
Prof Slobodan Djordjevic Professor of Hydraulic Engineering, member of the CREWW Research Steering Group  
Nicola Ellis PhD Researcher  
Prof Rayizeh Farmani Associate Professor in Water Engineering  
Prof Guangtao Fu Professor of Water Intelligence  
Prof Tamara Galloway Professor of Ecotoxicology  
Dr Naomi Gatis Research Fellow  

Prof Will Gaze

Professor of Microbiology  
Hugh Graham PhD Researcher  
Dr Emilie Grand-Clement Postdoctoral Research Fellow  
Anne Hand Visiting Researcher  
Matthew Hayslep CREWW PhD Studentship on 'Leakage predicition' (supervised by Keedwell and Farmarni)  
Prof Peter Hopkinson Professor in Circular Economy / Co-Director Centre for the Circular Economy  
Professor Akbar Javadi Professor of Geotechnical Engineering  
Dr Ben Jackson Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Prof Edward Keedwell Professor of Artificial Intelligence  
Jess Kitch Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Dr Jaeyoung Lee Postdoctoral Research Fellow  
Dr Ceri Lewis Associate Professor in Marine Biology  
Tamsin Lockwood PhD Researcher  
Prof John Love Professor of Synthetic Biology  
Dr David Luscombe Research Fellow  
Dr Peter Melville-Shreeve Lecturer in Engineering & Entrepreneurship  
Prof Fayyaz Memon Professor of Sustainable Water Systems  
Ghazaleh Nassaji Matin NERC PhD studentship on 'Impact of large wood on river restoration' (supervised by Panici, Brazier and Bennett)  
Dr Daniella Montali-Ashworth Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Melissa Muir Project Manager, CaSTCo  
Ben Orriss PhD studentship at the Centre for Water Systems ( supervised by Melville-Shreeve)  
Dr Mandy Robinson Research Fellow  
Natasha Petruccelli  PhD studentship (supervised by Panici)  
Dr Alan Puttock Associate Research Fellow  
Dr Eduarda Santos Associate Professor in Environmental Biology   
Prof Joanne Smith Director of Research and Associate Professor in Psychology  
Professor Charles Tyler Professor of Environmental Biology/ Academic Lead/Director of Aquatic Resource Centre  
Dr Marwa Waly Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Dr James Webber Lecturer in Water Systems Engineering  
Dr Nejat Zeydalinejad Postdoctoral Research Associate