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Digital Humanities

At Exeter, we integrate digital methods and practices into the heart of our research. We are fascinated by the interdisciplinary opportunities and diverse new fields of study opened up by digital research, and we host an expanding range of projects in this specialism.

Digital Humanities opens up new areas of study, and ensures that the scholarship that underpins our research and teaching is more accessible, more efficient, and more widely understood than ever before.

Digital Humanities Lab

The facilities in the Digital Humanities Lab enrich both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research.

What we do

We use innovative techniques and sustainable digital methods to support research and teaching.

Our Projects

Working with a wide range of organisations, businesses and institutions we integrate digital methods into much of our research.

Our Events

We provide training around digital methods and data management alongside a series of talks by guest speakers.

Digital Humanities Team

Our dedicated Digital Humanities team work alongside academic staff to deliver engaging and rigorous research outputs.

Digital Humanities Twitter