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Bookings and loans

Our facilities and equipment are available for use by HASS staff and students, to enhance teaching, research and project work.

We welcome enquiries about booking our space and equipment, and you can get in touch with us by email to discuss your requirements.

Rooms available to book

Lab and teaching spaces are available to be booked for teaching, research work, and other events. For information on rooms, please see our guide to facilities.

Equipment available for loan

We have a wide range of professional quality equipment available, which can be used around the lab, or borrowed for use in the field. To book or find out more, please contact us using the details above. 

For loan and for use at the lab: 

  • Cameras: DSLR cameras for high-quality images and video, and are compatible with a range of different lenses, as well as tripods for steady shots. We also have cameras available to book for indoor use only, which have more complex and comprehensive features, suitable for archival photography as well as photogrammetry. We also have digital point and shoot cameras for basic photography and video.
  • Video cameras: A range of video cameras are available for loan including 4K video cameras for professional quality output, as well as smaller handheld HD video cameras.
  • Digital audio recorders:  Zoom H1 audio recorders record direct to SD card and come equipped with a mini tripod and microphone windshield. We also have a range of premium audio recorders for indoor and lab use only.
  • Microphones: A range of microphones compatible with selected cameras and audio recorders including wireless mics, lapel mics and boundary mics suitable for group work.
  • Tripods and copystands: Tripods and copystands are also available to loan; from the basic tripod models suitable for lightweight DSLRs and Canon Legria, to the professional video tripod with dampened motion for smooth transitions, as well as a variety of copystands to hold either phones or cameras for photography.