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29 May 2019
10am – 2pm 
Penryn Campus  Innovations in Renewables - Penryn Campus

Our future may well depend upon renewable energy, harnessing the power of the sun, the wind, earth and water. This Taster will give you a rare insight into the very latest developments in renewables at the cutting edge of technology.

Richard Cochrane is well placed to let you in on the latest innovations. As Associate Professor for Renewable Energy at Exeter University and chartered engineer with a passion for sustainable engineering design, he has been closely involved in refining designs for vertical axis wind turbines, horizontal axis wind turbines, a high efficiency double-regulated Kaplan water turbine and much more.

 4 June 2019
 Carn Gwaval, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly Innovations in Renewables - The Isles of Scilly

In the context of a climate change emergency, our future may well depend upon renewable energy, harnessing the power of the sun, the wind, earth and water. This Taster will give you an invaluable insight into the very latest developments at the cutting edge of technology.

Professor Richard Cochrane and Dr Katie Shanks of the University of Exeter will be delivering expert lectures with the titles ‘Innovations in Renewable Energy’ and ‘Solar Energy: The Future of a Billion Lives’. Dr Anurag Roy will be demonstrating some of the latest equipment used in this field.

This day has been designed to be truly informative to industry professionals and lay people alike. Any resident of Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly is welcome although students are not eligible. Booking is essential.

5 Jun 2019  DM Seminar E /  John Usher Northcote House 

Making Sense of Sustainable Energy Systems Seminar Series


Public disengagement from the decision-making process for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

Speaker: Catherine Queen, University of Exeter

As a PhD researcher at the University of Exeter, Catherine is exploring issues around public engagement with Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, particularly high voltage overhead power lines. Her research uses a Case Study approach based on the current North West Coast Connections project which is a proposed overhead power line in West Cumbria. Catherine is particularly interested in exploring hard-to-reach and disengaged publics through place attachment and justice as recognition.

Slides from Catherine's talk can be found here.


How does the development of offshore wind farms affects fishery industries, household consumption behaviours and welfare distributions in Scotland

Speaker: Yang Qu, University of Exeter

Yang Qu is a third year PhD student in Renewable Energy at University of Exeter. Based mainly at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, her PhD project involves building a macroeconomic model to assess the economic impacts of offshore wind and fishery in the Scottish marine environment. Her presentation will focus on how the development of offshore wind farms affects fishery industries, household consumption behaviours and welfare distributions in Scotland.

Slides from Yang's talk can be found here.

23 May 2019

Alumni Auditorium, The Forum, University of Exeter, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4SZ


Video link: Exchange Lecture Theatre, The Exchange, Penryn Campus, TR10 9FE

So you're declared a climate emergency, now what?

On 1 May 2019 UK MPs approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency.

More than 60 towns and cities across the UK have already declared "a climate emergency" including Devon and Cornwall County Councils.

Last month the University of Bristol became the first UK university to make a similar declaration. There is no single definition of what "a climate emergency" means but many local authorities state they want to be carbon-neutral by 2030. This will only be achievable through dramatic cuts in emissions which requires social transformation.

What steps are required to achieve rapid and extensive change?

Deep cuts in emissions will involve far-reaching changes to everyday lives, physical infrastructures, patterns of investment and divestment. How can we ensure such change is rapid and extensive, yet also socially acceptable, fair and leaves no-one behind? Research suggests most people are not willing to voluntarily give up consuming meat and dairy products, driving a car and taking overseas holidays.

Is this likely to change? If so, how? What is the potential for a Citizens Assembly to enable social transformation?

This public meeting will explore these issues with a diverse panel and questions from the audience. Join us for some lively discussion and distraction from the European elections!

More information and registration instructions can be found here.

20 May 2019

Penryn Campus

Detailed Designs for Smart, Local Energy Systems: Briefing by InnovateUK

As part of the Industrial Strategy the Government will invest in the “Prospering from the Energy Revolution” Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) to make the UK a global centre for integrated energy systems that deliver cleaner and cheaper energy. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), in collaboration with the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), would like to invite you to attend a briefing event on the 20th May on the Penryn campus to hear about the new funding competition Detailed designs for smart, local energy systems, and how you can get involved.

Alongside events already taking place in London, Cardiff, Belfast, Manchester and Edinburgh, ExeterEnergy is hosting an additional condensed morning briefing by InnovateUK on this competition at the Penryn campus of the University of Exeter on the morning of May 20th.

More details on this event can be found here.

Presentations from the briefing can be found below:

  1. Introduction to Prospering from the Energy Revolution
  2. Competition scope
  3. How the KTN Can Help
  4. EnergyRev – Thematic Areas for Academic Focus
8 May 2019 Stella Turk Seminar Room / XFi Seminar Room B

Making Sense of Sustainable Energy Systems Seminar Series


Marine renewable energy systems: Economic effects on industry and ecosystem

Speaker: Emily Stebbings, PhD Researcher, Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP), University of Exeter

Emily’s talk explored how economic modelling can be used to measure the effect of marine renewable energy systems upon other industries and the functioning of surrounding ecosystems.

Slides from the talk can be found here.

10 Apr 2019 DM Seminar E / Laver 825

Making Sense of Sustainable Energy Systems Seminar Series


Nexus Assessment on Water-Food-Energy Security: A Case for Indonesia

Speaker: Korinus Waimbo, PhD student at the Centre for Water Systems, Department of Engineering, University of Exeter

Korinus Waimbo is a PhD student at the Centre of Water Systems funded by the Government of Indonesia.

Slides from the talk can be found here.


Corporate Participation in Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries: ‘Green Capitalism’ as a Tool for Sustainable Development 

Speaker: Kikelomo Kila, PhD Student, School of Law, University of Exeter

Kikelomo Kila is a PhD Student at the School of Law whose research focuses on climate change and renewable energy law and regulation in developing countries. Her talk covered how government regulation can be structured to ensure corporations effectively participate in climate change mitigation projects through private sector investments.

Slides from the talk can be found here.

27 Mar 2019 Exchange Red / Laver 825

Making Sense of Sustainable Energy Systems Seminar Series


Starving in the midst of abundant energy: What can be done?

Speaker: Eleanya Nduka, PhD student, Business School, University of Exeter

Eleanya Nduka is an Economics PhD student who is applying stated preference methods to investigate private sector driven solutions to rural household energy poverty in Nigeria.

Slides from the talk can be found here.


Exploring energy transition in the district of Kutch (Gujurat) in India

Speaker: Siddhartha Dabhi, PhD student, Business School, University of Exeter

Siddhartha Dabhi is a PhD student from the Business School who is researching the political economy of large-scale renewable energy projects in India.

Slides from the talk can be found here.

13 Feb 2019 Exchange Blue / Old Library Research Seminar Room A/B

Making Sense of Sustainable Energy Systems Seminar Series


Wave energy in the development of sustainable energy systems

Speaker: Dr. George Crossley, FaBTest (Falmouth Bay Test Site) Manager, University of Exeter. 

As FaBTest (Falmouth Bay Test Site) Manager, George works closely with Falmouth Harbour Commissioners in the progression of wave energy technology, and a Business Research Fellow for the Marine-i program, collaborating with businesses all over Cornwall offering expertise in oceanography and marine energy to enhance technological innovation. Before beginning this role at the University of Exeter, George worked with DNV GL in Bristol, whilst studying for an Engineering Doctorate, to enhance tidal resource and device modelling capability. 

Slides from the talk can be found here.


Heat, Incumbency and Transformations (HIT)

Speaker: Richard Lowes, Associate Research Fellow, Energy Policy Group, University of Exeter

Richard Lowes is interested in how and why policy develops in particular ways, specifically how actors such as companies and trade associations are able to shape and change policy. The HIT project considers a UK transformation to a 100% sustainable heat system, focussing on the role of incumbent companies.

Slides from the talk can be found here.

19 Nov 2018 Streatham Campus

ExeterEnergy Streatham launch

Following the launch of ExeterEnergy on the Penryn campus in September 2018, a second launch event was held on the Streatham campus on November 19th, with the specific aim of engaging those stakeholders who were unable to attend the Penryn launch. Attendees learned about the breadth of research underway at the University, to network, and explored opportunities for collaboration. 

Slides, where they have been made available, can be found below.

10 Sep 2018 The Exchange, Penryn Campus

ExeterEnergy Penryn launch

Around 90 University of Exeter researchers and external stakeholders came together at the Penryn Campus on Sept 10th to officially launch the ExeterEnergy initiative.

Representatives from across the University came together with wider stakeholders to showcase the breadth of energy research and teaching across multiple colleges at the University, and to offer insights on a specific set of challenges – those around moving to a smart, flexible energy system. More information on the event can be found here, and slides, where they have been made available, can be found below.