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FoodT: the brain training app that helps people make healthier food choices

FoodT brain training

So many of us struggle to stick to a healthy diet. Whether we are looking to cut down on sugary foods or reduce our meat intake, most of us experience the same problem: willpower alone is not enough. That's where FoodT comes in.

FoodT is a simple brain training game - available on Android and iPhone - that works by retraining the brain's automatic responses to different foods, making it easier for people to resist temptation and meet their own dietary goals.
The research behind FoodT - developed over ten years by Dr Natalia Lawrence and her team of psychologists - suggests that repeatedly playing the game builds up associations between certain foods and stopping, effectively putting the brakes on your eating behaviour and making it easier to eat well.

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About the FoodT app

» About the FoodT app

Find out more about how the FoodT brain training app could help you reduce your food cravings.

Infographic: How FoodT works

» How FoodT works

Discover how the FoodT brain training app works with our handy infographic.


» FAQs

Find the answers to some frequently asked questions about the FoodT app.