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Our sponsors

Many thanks to our 46 generous sponsors who have helped us raise funds for an iPhone version of FoodT which is now under development.

Thanks to:

The University of Exeter (Innovation, Impact and Business)
The University of Exeter (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)
Alexandra Abromeit
Andrea Watts
Ann Holohan
Barbara Hinkley
Bethan Rawstron
Carolyn Morningstar
Colin Phipps
Darragh Sherwin
Dr Shahzad Ali Saeed Arif
Elizabeth Graham
G Seymour
Helen Haynes
Jennifer Guest
Juliana Burrows
Julie Young
Kate Jackson
Marc van Maastricht
Mark O'Neill
Michelle Morris
Rachel Hayes
Rachel Moss
Sandra Modica
Sarah Allsopp
Steph Williams-Tinkler
Stephanie Argo
Susan Dunbar
Thilo Grewe
+ 19 other sponsors who did not choose to be named here