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Upcoming events in genomics at Exeter

Thurs 26 Nov2015 David Scanlan - From ecology to genomics: how oceans of genomes are illuminating our understanding of marine picocyanobacteria Biosciences departmental research seminar. 12:30pm Hatherly Labs B10 All welcome.  
Weds 27 Jan 2016 Prof. Tim Frayling UEMS Genetic variation and human traits 4-5pm TBC  
Weds 10 - Thurs 11 Feb 2016 Monogenic diabetes symposium: "Monogenic Diabetes - Right diagnosis, right treatment"   The Rougemont Hotel, Exeter
Fri 19 Feb Dr Therese Murphy - NARSAD depression inflammation epigenetics study. Mood Disorder Centre Think-Tank seminar series 12pm Mood Disorders Centre G17  All welcome.
Weds 11 May Dr Alison Tyson-Capper, Newcastle University, Gene regulation and splicing in breast cancer 1-2pm TBC  
Weds  29 June Lorna Harries, UEMS, RNA-mediated mechanisms of disease  4-5pm TBC