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About us

The Energy Harvesting Research Group at Exeter combines cutting edge academic research with a firm focus on the needs of industry. We use a fully integrated system approach to address key challenges in energy harvesting powered wireless sensing systems for industry in the areas of:

  • Energy harvesting
  • Wireless Power Transfer
  • Power Management and storage
  • Wireless Sensing
  • System Integration

Our research is multi-disciplinary, compassing multifunctional materials, applied physics, mechanical, electrical and electronical engineering, and information and communication technology. We have internationally leading expertise and extensive experience in design, integration and characterisation of energy harvesting powered wireless sensing systems. We can undertake challenged energy harvesting researches and developments for real world applications based on our integrated system approach.

Our research is from concepts to real world applications for a wide range of industrial sectors, including railway, oil and gas, renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, and healthcare (body sensor networks and telemedicine) industries.