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We have a recently refurbished Energy Harvesting Research Laboratory at Exeter together with a fully equipped facility for design, implementation and characterisation of the energy harvesting powered wireless sensor systems.

  • ElectroPlus E 10000 All-Electric Test Instrument, Instron
  • CLV2534 with OFV-534 Laser Doppler Vibrometer, Polytech
  • PSM 1700 Frequency Response Analyser, Newtons4th
  • System Source Metres 2612B, Keithley
  • DC Power Analyser N6750, Keysight
  • MDO4054B-6 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, Tektronix
  • Dynamic signal analyser, Data Physics
  • SignalForce electromagnetic shaker V20, Data Physics
  • APS 113 long stroke (158 mm) shaker, APS
  • Modelling and simulation: ANSYS, Comsol, Solidworks, Matlab, and more