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A two day journey walking the East Devon coast to explore Earth as a living system.

Engaging the Public in Fire Research - Dr Claire Belcher, University of Cyprus, November 2012

Professor Lenton lecturing on Geoengineering as part of the TalkScience series at the British Library July 2011

Events and lectures

An Earth system model made of paper

17 May 2018, Teignmouth Community College - Dr Sarah Chadburn

Film Screening - Symbiotic Earth: How Lynn Margulis rocked the boat and started a scientific revolution

15 March 2018, University of Exeter

Climate change and sustainable futures

12 October 2017, Thinking Ahead Institute, London - Professor Tim Lenton

When the climate goes over the edge

29 September 2017, New Scientist Live, Excel London - Professor Tim Lenton

The evolution of Gaia

20 September 2017, Georges Lemaitre Centre for Earth and Climate Research, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium - Professor Tim Lenton

Predicting the evolution of biospheres

31 August 2017, Fundamentals of Life in the Universe Symposium, University of Groningen, The Netherlands - Professor Tim Lenton

Heath Week Family Festival

23 July 2017, Woodbury Common - WildfireLab

Climate at the Quay

13 July 2017, Exeter Quay - Exeter Community Climate Network

The fundamental role of microbial nutrient cycling in the Earth System

22 June 2017, Microbiology Society Workshop, Metropolitan Arts Centre, Belfast - Professor Tim Lenton

Consequences of severe climate change in 2100

23 May 2017, Grand Challenges Seminar, University of Oxford - Professor Tim Lenton

Current knowledge on climate tipping points: should we change climate policy?

11 April 2017, Swiss Global Change Day, Bern - Professor Tim Lenton

Global Climate Change: History and Projected Future Rates under Different Models and the Effect of Climate Change on Biodiversity; COP-21 and future options

28 February 2017, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, The Vatican, Rome - Professor Tim Lenton

Early warning of climate tipping points

6 September 2016, Challenger Society Conference, University of Liverpool - Professor Tim Lenton

Earliest land plants created modern levels of atmospheric oxygen

25-27 July 2016, 38th New Phytologist Symposium, University of Bristol - Professor Tim Lenton

How and when did early plants transform the Earth system?

6 July 2016, International Geoscience Programme Project 591 - Closing Meeting, University of Ghent, Belgium - Professor Tim Lenton

Revolutions that made the Earth/The Anthropocene/Early warning of climate tipping points

15-24 June 2016, Valsavarenche Summer School, Italy - Professor Tim Lenton

Early warning of climate tipping points

26 April 2016, IChemE webinar - Professor Tim Lenton

Revolutions that made the Earth

14 April 2016, The Geological Society of Glasgow - Professor Tim Lenton

Evolutionary modelling of the marine ecosystem

8 April 2016, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Naples - Professor Tim Lenton

Earth's complexity revolution

18 March 2016, University of Southern Denmark - Professor Tim Lenton

Workshop on emissions pathways and impacts of different global temperature rises

11 March 2016, Department of Energy and Climate Change, London - Professor Tim Lenton

The social and policy implications of climate tipping points

12 February 2016, AAAS Annual meeting, Washington DC - Professor Tim Lenton

Global Conversation - Climate Change

2 February 2016, The Royal Society, London - Professor Richard Betts, Professor Tim Lenton

Revolutions that made the Earth

21 January 2016, Arizona State University, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

Co-Evolution of Life and Planet: Broad Scale Controls on Biodiversity

1 November 2015, GSA2015 Baltimore USA - Professor Tim Lenton

Environment Question Time

22 October 2015, University of Plymouth - Professor Tim Lenton

Windows to an ancient world

August 2015, A plant evolution walk in the University of Exeter Streatham grounds - Dr Claire Belcher


14-15 July, Beer to Sidmouth, Devon as part of the Exeter Enquiries artist in residency - Professor Tim Lenton and Tom Powell with Anne-Marie Culhane

Early warning of climate tipping points

8 July 2015, Our Common Future Under Climate Change, UNESCO, Paris - Professor Tim Lenton

Prospects for negative emissions

20-25 May 2015, Plant-for-the-Planet Youth Summit, Tutzing Castle, Germany - Professor Tim Lenton.

"Thank you for supporting the youth with your experience, knowledge and assistance with your inspiring video message. They really appreciated your words and felt very well informed and motivated to develop their Youth Manifesto after watching your video message" Elena Dreher, Plant-for-the-Planet.

Anticipating and avoiding climate tipping points

24 April 2015, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University, New Brunswick USA - Professor Tim Lenton

Early warning of climate tipping points

23 April 2015, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton University, USA - Professor Tim Lenton

Anticipating and avoiding tipping points

18 March 2015, German Physical Society (DPG) conference, Berlin - Professor Tim Lenton

An evolutionary ecology approach to modelling the marine ecoystem and its response to global change

25 February 2015, Plenary at ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting, Granada, Spain - Professor Tim Lenton

The role of acid-base chemistry in Earth's long-term climate regulation

24 January 2015, Lecture for the Prince's Teaching Institute, Ivybridge Community College, Devon - Professor Tim Lenton

Co-evolution of Eukaryotes and Ocean and Atmosphere Oxygenation in the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic Eras

19 December 2014, AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco - Professor Tim Lenton

Observing Biodiversity from Space

10-12 December 2014, Workshop at The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, Santa Barbara, US - Professor Tim Lenton

How might we make a difference in "Human Sustainability: Connecting Environment, Nutrition and Health"?

17 October 2013, Translational Research Event, The Wellcome Trust, London - Professor Tim Lenton

Geo-engineering without the hype

10 October 2013, The New Energy Forum (Synnogy), London - Professor Tim Lenton

Early warning methods for biosphere tipping points

3 October 2013, Biodiversity Resilience Symposium, University of Oxford - Professor Tim Lenton

The environmental implications of negative emissions technologies

24 September 2013, Oxford Conference on Negative Emissions Technologies, Queen's College Oxford - Professor Tim Lenton

National Geographic event - The Arctic: The Science of Change

17 September 2013, The Royal Society, London - Professor Tim Lenton

Geoengineering, Thresholds and the Anthropocene - 2013 Asko meeting

14-16 September 2013, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm - Professor Tim Lenton

Tipping Points: Theory and Examples

6 September 2013, International NCCR Climate Summer School, Grindelwald, Switzerland - Professor Tim Lenton

Biological Controls on Oxygenation in the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic

27 August 2013, Keynote at Goldschmidt, Florence - Professor Tim Lenton

Capturing evolution and ecology in a global ocean model

8 August 2013, ASP Graduate Student Colloquium: Carbon-Climate Connections in the Earth System, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado USA - Professor Tim Lenton

UK Future Earth Town-Hall Meeting

21 June 2013, The Royal Society, London - Professor Tim Lenton

Advancing Sustainability Research

14 May 2013, Inaugural lecture for Research Focus Week, University of Exeter - Professor Tim Lenton

Chukchi and Beaufort seas ecosystems workshop

30 April - 2 May 2013, Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Washington DC - Professor Tim Lenton

Early warning of environmental tipping points

25 April 2013, ExIStA event, University of Exeter, Chris Boulton

Climate Tipping Points

24 April 2013, a lecture for the Science Museum LATES programme - Professor Tim Lenton

Early warning of climate tipping points

20 March 2013, United Nations Headquarters, New York City, USA - Professor Tim Lenton

Early warning signals for Amazon rainforest dieback

14 March 2013, AMAZALERT project meeting, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands - Chris Boulton

Potential for CO2 removal in the global food production system: A biomass flows model

24 January 2013, Department of Energy and Climate Change - Tom Powell and Tim Lenton

Earth's fiery future: Forest fire activity and global warming

6 January 2013, Rickmansworth School, Hertfordshire (6th form awards ceremony guest speaker) Dr Claire Belcher

Climate Tipping Points

29 November 2012, Schumacher College, Dartington, Devon - Professor Tim Lenton

Revolutions that made the Earth

21 November 2012, Centre for Research in Earth Sciences, University of Plymouth - Professor Tim Lenton

Fire and the History of our Planet: Engaging the Public in Fire research

5 November 2012, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions in Horizon 2020: Regional and International Impact (Video 42 mins in), University of Cyprus

Early Warning of Climate Tipping Points

31 October 2012, Sustainability Science Centre, University of Copenhagen

Early Warning of Climate Tipping Points

30 October 2012, Met Office - Professor Tim Lenton

Case for Optimism (Kaleider)

6 July 2012, The University of Exeter

Sustainability@Exeter - consultation workshops

21 June, 3 July, 5 July 2012 The University of Exeter

Greenland Sledging Adventure

11-12 May 2012, Greenland. Blog written by Tim during his time filming for the Tipping Points TV Documentary.


1 May 2012, The University of Exeter

Understanding Fire Phenomena in the Earth System Using Interdisciplinary Approaches

23 April 2012, EGU General Assembly, Vienna

Early Warning of Climate Tipping Points

29 March 2012, NAC11 Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Early Warning of Environmental Tipping Points

26 March 2012, Planet under Pressure Conference, London

Workshop on Critical Transitions in Complex Systems

19-23 March 2012, Imperial College, London

Biogeochemical cycles at different scales

15 March 2012, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) - Professor Tim Lenton

Bennett Lecture: Revolutions that made the Earth

5 March 2012, University of Leicester - Professor Tim Lenton

Oxford Seminar: Growing an Energy Source and Storing It's Waste

6 February 2012, The Oxford Martin School

Tipping Points@Exeter

15 December 2011, The University of Exeter

A Changing World

16 November 2011, Green Strategy, The Royal Society, London

Planetary Boundaries Workshop

13 October 2011, hosted at the University of Exeter

Land Colonisation and Earth System Change: A Recurring Pattern

17 August 2011, Keynote at Goldschmidt, Prague

Geoengineering our Climate: Fixing Earth's Future?

14 July 2011, for the TalkScience series at The British Library