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Group members

Name Title Areas of interest
Matthew Amesbury Research Development Manager


Jamie Atkins PhD student

Ocean heat waves or frozen seas

Dr Ian Bailey Lecturer in Geology – Penryn

Marine sediment cores

Dr Fernanda Barros Postdoctoral Fellow

Plant ecology and eco-physiology

Professor Claire Belcher Professor of Earth Systems Scientists (Fire and the Earth System)

Study of natural fires in the Earth system

Professor Richard Betts Chair in Climate Impacts (HELIX) Large-scale modelling of ecosystem-hydrology-climate interactions.
Land use change and deforestation.
Integrated impacts modelling.
Dr Chris Boulton Associate Research Fellow

Climate Modelling
Time Series Analysis
Dynamical Systems

Dr Jo Browse Lecturer in Physical Geography – Penryn Arctic climate systems
Joshua Buxton PhD student

Ecosystem resilience

Rosie Clegg PhD student


Katherine Crichton Postdoctoral Fellow

Increased Accumulation in Arctic Peatlands

Dr Stuart Daines Research Fellow Co-evolution of life and the physical environment
Jhon Del Aguila PhD student

Tropical Peatlands and the Carbon Cycle

Dr James Dyke Senior Lecturer – GSI

Model systems, behaviour and dynamics 

Andrew Elliot PhD student  
Dr Ted Feldpausch Associate Professor – Physical Geography

Plant biogeography
Plant taxonomy and floristic inventory

Dr Felipe Franco Gaviria Postdoctoral Research Fellow Ecological baselines and ecosystem resilience
Professor Pierre Friedlingstein Chair in Mathematical Modelling of Climate Change

Global Carbon Cycle
Climate change

Dr Angela Gallego Sala Professor in Environment and Biogeochemical Cycles Climate regulation of carbon fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems
Dr Paul Halloran Senior Lecturer Climate
Professor Stephen Hesselbo Professor of Geology

Earth history
The interplay of long-term environmental changes

Genevieve Hinde PhD student

Physical oceanography
Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

Teuntje Hollaar PhD student Changes in paleo-wildfire
Sarah Holmes PhD student

Shelf sea environments
Ecosystem models and the proxy records of long-lived bivalve molluscs

Jack Hughes Graduate Research Assistant Observation of transient tracers
Dr Elena Kozlova Postdoctoral Research Fellow Atmospheric observations
Dr Kirsten Lees Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ecosystem resilience

Professor Tim Lenton Director: Global Systems Institute Tipping elements in the climate system
Dr Felix Leung Researcher

Impacts of tropospheric ozone on crop production
Climate Change Modelling

Kennedy Lewis PhD Student Remote sensing and eddy covariance
Spencer Liddicoat PhD Student

Assessing the impact of Earth System processes on the carbon cycle and Climate

Dr Kate Littler Lecturer (Education and Research) in Geology

Ocean circulation
Orbital pacing in the Paleogene and Cretaceous greenhouse world's

Dr Ania Losiak Associate Research Fellow Wildland Fires
Dr Elisa Lovecchio Research Fellow  
Dr Neill Mackay Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Climate Science

Ocean circulation
Diapycmal mixing
Inverse modelling

George Manville PhD student Oceanic concentration of dimethylsulfide (DMS), its sea-to-air transfer, and impacts upon aerosols, clouds and the global radiation balance
Dr Lina Mercado Associate Professor in Ecosystems and Environmental Change

Landscape and ecosystem dynamics

Dr Jean-Francois Mercure Senior Lecturer in Global Systems

Climate policy and environmental governance
Modelling innovation
Modelling the global energy-economy-environment system

Dr Marie-Jose Messias Senior Lecturer Climate, marine, transient tracers, greenhouse gases
Eric Mirindi Duseengue Postdoctoral Research Fellow  

Plant ecophysiology, global change biology 

Dr Andre Nakhavali Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Terrestrial carbon and nutrients dynamics
Land surface modelling

Anne Nicholls

Global Systems Institute Senior Administrator

Recruitment, facilitating events and communications
Dr Mike O’Sullivan Postdoctoral Research Fellow Global carbon cycle 
Jack Oughton Postgraduate researcher Millennial-scale climate variability in the American tropics
Rob Owen MbyRes Student  
Maria Pearce Adminstrator (HELIX project) Climate impact
Professor Toby Pennington Professor in Tropical Plant Diversity and Biogeography

Tropical plants

Felix Pym Masters by Research Student – GSI

Megafauna extinctions
Ecosystem change

Dr Paul Ritchie Associate Research Fellow Connections between emergent constraints and early-warning signals of tipping points
Terhi Riutta Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Tropical Peatlands and the Carbon Cycle
Andrea Rochner PhD student Marine, climate, carbon, atmosphere, greenhouse gases
Dr Lucy Rowland Associate Professor Landscape and Ecosystem Dynamics
Arne Scheire  PhD student Scaling tropical giants
Dr Ute Schuster Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography Variability in marine carbon cycle through observations and numerical techniques
Professor James Scourse Professor of Physical Geography Quarternary paleoenvironments, marine geology
Ed Sears‌‌ Honorary Associate Research Fellow (Evidence base for permaculture) Permaculture 
Dr Katy Sheen Lecturer in Physical Geography Physics of oceans and atmosphere
Dr Jamie Shutler Senior Lecturer in Ocean Science 

Satellite Earth observation,
Remote sensing and mathematical modelling,
Physical, biological and biogeochemical oceanography,
Bacterial, biological and chemical water quality

Caroline Signori-Muller Research Technician

Tropical Peatlands and the Carbon Cycle

Mateus Silva PhD Student

Biodiversity loss
Ecosystem resilience

Dr Yeliz Simsek Postdoctoral Research Fellow – GSI Macroeconomic, energy and environmental modelling
Professor Stephen Sitch Chair in Climate Change Climate Change
Witek Tatkiewicz Research Technician Climate, marine, technology, electronics, sensors, atmosphere
Jessica Thomas PhD Student Ecological and environmental drivers of carbon storage and resilience in degraded areas of the Amazon
Jessica Thorn Project Administrator/Coordinator: Ocean and Atmospheric Science Oceans, climate, atmosphere, carbon greenhouse gases
Dr Dunia Urrego Lecturer in Physical Geography Environmental change and human-landscape interactions in tropical and subtropical ecosystems
Dr Kees Jan Van Groenigen Senior Lecturer in Climate and Environmental Science

Elevated atmosphere CO2
Soil microbiology
Rice agriculture
Plant-soil interactions
Meta-analysis and data synthesis

Rayanne Vitali PhD student Earth system feedbacks and the history of Oxygen
Yuwan Wang PhD student Forests, peat, and past fires: understanding the drivers of past fires in Amazonian forests
Professor Andrew Watson Royal Society Research Professor

Physical and chemical
Ocean and atmosphere
Observations of biogeochemical cycles

Dr Mark Williamson Associate Research Fellow

Earth system modelling
Quantum information and foundations
Tipping points

Justin Worsey Experimental Officer


Lirong You PhD Student

The effect of climate change and climate extremes on the production of rice, wheat and maize in China

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