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All Physics facilities

This image of Orion over the Physics tower was taken from the observatory site. The lighted windows on the 4th floor of the tower belong to the Astrophysics Group.

Astrophysics facilities and resources

Local facilities

The Astrophysics Group makes use of a number of on-campus facilities which supplement the relationships we have with a number of renowned international observatories and space telescopes.

High Performance Computing

The Astrophysics Group makes extensive use of the University of Exeter High Performance Computing facility for running numerical simulations. The facility was officially launched in September 2017 and comprises over 200 compute nodes (each compute node is the equivalent of a powerful server). For more information about this facility, please email the ISCA support team.

For even more demanding applications the Astrophysics Group has been awarded time on the national Dirac supercomputing facility.

University of Exeter Observatory

Astrophysics maintains an on-site observatory for undergraduate teaching purposes. The observatory is remotely operated with a computer-controlled mount and dome, 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain, CCD and filters, and web-based submission of observing projects. This provides a state-of-the-art observing experience which mirrors that of professional astronomers.


All questions about the observatory should be directed to

Observatory location: 
50° 44' 14.9" N 3° 32' 8.0 W"
StarAlt: -3 32 8.0 50 44 14.9 50

Pulsar 2.7m

14” Celestron Edge HD
Astro-Physics 1100GTO mount

SBIG ST-10XME - 2184x1472 pixels with a size of 6.8 μm
13.7' x 20.5' FOV with a pixel size of 0.56"/pix

Sloan G,R,I
Bessell B,V,R


Resources we produce

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