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Awards and achievements

ERC grants

The Astrophysics group has been awarded eleven prestigious ERC grants:

Professor Isabelle Baraffe ERC Advanced 2013-18, ERC Advanced 2018-23
Professor Gilles Chabrier ERC Advanced 2010-15
Professor Matthew Bate ERC Advanced 2014-19
Dr Matthew Browning ERC Starting 2014-19
Dr Clare Dobbs ERC Starting 2011-16, ERC Consolidator 2019-24
Dr David Sing  ERC Starting 2014-19
Dr Stefan Kraus ERC Starting 2015-20, ERC Consolidator 2021-26
Dr Sean Matt ERC Consolidator 2016-21


From 2003 onwards the group also held/obtained the following awards:

Professor Matthew Bate European Young Investigator 2005-2010
Philip Leverhulme Prize 2003
Professor Gilles Chabrier

Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society 2024
Institute of Physics (IoP) Fellow 2019
Fred Hoyle Medal and Prize 2019
Prize Ampère 2014: a scientific prize awarded annually by the French Academy of Sciences for outstanding research work in mathematics or physics
Eddington Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society 2011
Grand Prix Jean Ricard of the French Physical Society 2010

Professor Isabelle Baraffe

Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture Award 2023
Viktor Ambartsumian International Science Prize 2020
Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award 2010

Professor Stefan Kraus STFC Rutherford 2013-18
Philip Leverhulme Prize 2013
Dr Chris Brunt Harry Otten Prize for Innovation in Meteorology 2019
Professor Nathan Mayne UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship 2019-2024
Dr Raphaëlle Haywood STFC Rutherford 2021-2026
Dr Sebastian Marino Royal Society URF 2023-2028
Dr Svitlana Zhukovska STFC Rutherford 2019-2021
Dr Nate Bastian STFC Advanced Fellowship 2010-2011
Dr Barbara Ercolano STFC Advanced Fellowship 2010-2011

Science and Technology Facilities Council advisory positions

Professor Isabelle Baraffe served as one of ten members of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the senior strategic body of the prominent organisation, for a three year term from 1 April 2018.

Professor Nathan Mayne currently serves on the STFC Astronomy Advisory Panel (AAP).